Chelsea main image (Past)
Kanji チェルシー
Rōmaji Cherushī
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 157 cm [1]
Measurements 83-54-84 [1]
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
The Empire
Teams Night Raid
Elite Seven
Relatives Kurome (Sister)
Gozuki (Adoptive Father)
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #5: Chapter #21
Akame ga Kill Zero Volume #1: Chapter#6
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #11
Japanese Kaori Nazuka
English Emily Neves


Having gone into service as a clerk for a thoroughly corrupt official who hunted peasants for sport, Chelsea's inability to do anything weighed on her heavily, and made her develop a sense of self-loathing. Personal salvation came when she found the Imperial Arms Gaea Foundation in a storeroom of the official's castle, which enabled Chelsea to disguise herself. When she killed the official, he was soon replaced by someone who treated the local populace well, and life improved for them. Seeing that she could improve the condition of her country through killing, Chelsea joined the assassination division of the Revolutionary Army. Later, she was recruited into Night Raid by Najenda.


Chelsea was created by Tetsuya Tashiro & TAKAHIRO for their manga series, Akame Ga Kill! There is author comments in the Akame ga Kill! official guidebook, but the contents are unknown.



Chelsea is a woman of average height and long, auburn hair who usually wears a headband and ribbon. She typically sports a vest, shirt & skirt, and often seen with a lollipop in her mouth. Her official height is 157cm, though she often appears taller in the manga, and her 3-sizes are 83-54-84.


Chelsea is usually very cheerful, sociable & friendly. She tends to get along well with her teammates and has a sense of humour. She sometimes likes teasing her comrades too, such as Tatsumi & especially Mein. However, she is also a very accomplished killer, said to be equal to Akame in her number of assassinations, and takes a very professional and pragmatic attitude to her work. She emphasises that the group should avoid unnecessary risks, such as taking on monsters slaughtering civilians as it might expose them to police forces, criticising her teammates for being too "soft". This doesn't necessarily mean that Chelsea is a hard-hearted person, as all the members of her previous team were killed, and she might simple be determined not to see this happen again.

She develops an attraction to Tatsumi, as she is moved by his straightforward & sometimes lighhearted nature, and that he stated he could see compassion in her.

Powers & Abilities

Chelsea tends towards espionage and stealth attacks rather than direct combat. She usually dispatches targets by pushing a needle into a vital point and killing them. She is adept at thinking on her feet and adapting to a situation to make a kill, or to escape. She is also a very professional assassin with many successful kills under her belt.

Imperial Arm - Gaia Foundation

Like all the other members of Night Raid, Chelsea possesses an Imperial Arm - one of 48 artifacts with amazing abilities created by the Empire a thousand years ago. Her Imperial Arms, "Gaia Foundation", resembles a box of make-up items and allows the user to instantly shape-change into a form of their choosing. What restrictions it might have are unknown, but Chelsea can significantly change her size and shape, having turned into large men or small animals, such as a cat or bird. Additionally, despite the difference of anatomy, she can move smoothly and naturally in animal forms, and is capable of flight as a bird, though doing so is exhausting.

Note: Gaia is used in the official translation while Gaea is another variation in the unofficial translations.