Plot Summary

Momoka kneels down next to Tsubaki and asks him how he feels after tasting her drool. She asks if his heart was racing, like hers, and if he felt happy. Tsubaki answers positively, and Momoka decides that because they share a bond, she will kiss him. Not as Momoka Imai, the idol, but as Urabe Mikoto, the normal girl.

As she leans forward, Tsubaki stops her and questions her unusual behavior. He asks to taste her drool again, and tells her it isn't sweet like it usually is, and asks again if there's something wrong with her. Blushing, Momoka starts talking about their bond but Tsubaki stops her, and tells her the their bond wasn't what cause the nose bleed.

Tsubaki tells her to stand up, lean forward, and look down her own collar. She does, and realizes her bare chest is visible. She jolts upright and covers her chest with her arms, and they come to the understanding that seeing her chest gave him the nosebleed, not tasting her drool. Tsubaki asks her if her chest has gotten smaller and begins rambling about how they look smaller than before, but that smaller breasts are cute, and as he looks up at her he receives a roundhouse kick to the face. Momoka calls him an idiot and runs away.

Elsewhere, Urabe is dressed up and practicing one of Momoka's routines. Nozaki and Miya praise her performance, Miya saying that Urabe's singing isn't half bad and her dancing is on par with Momoka. The two girls decide there shouldn't be a problem with Urabe doing a TV interview. Urabe however is more concerned about finding the real Momoka. Nozaki girls Urabe a drink and Miya tells her that Takagi went to Urabe's town to look for Momoka, but if she isn't found Urabe will have to take over Momoka's concert. Shocked, Urabe spray her drink in Nozaki's face and panics, but Miya tells her to relax. She says Momoka is a professional, and even if it's last minute, she'll come back. Urabe asks why Momoka is so determined to be a "normal girl" in the first place, and Nozaki tells her it's because Momoka has some painful memories with the first boy she loved.

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