Plot Summary

In the Kazamidai shopping district, Momoka (dressed as Urabe) passes Shimada Electronics and notices the televisions in the window. To her shock, she sees Urabe dressed as herself on the screen. Surprised to see Urabe taking on her role, she comes to the conclusion that she must continue to pose as Urabe.

Elsewhere, Tsubaki muses over "Urabe's" recent behaviour; including kicking him in the head, and wonders what today has in store for him. Momoka, still wearing Urabe's uniform, suddenly appears and hugs him from behind. Embarrassed, Tsubaki quickly pushes her away and warns her that someone might see them and find out about their relationship. He tells her she's been acting "kind of weird" lately and tells her to wait at the usual place after school to do their routine. Momoka realizes what he means and blurts it out loud, prompting Tsubaki to cover her mouth. Tsubaki runs ahead to school.

Walking into school, someone calls Urabe's name twice before Momoka remembers to respond, and she turns to find Oka. Momoka asks if she is from the same class, which Oka confirms and suddenly notices Momoka's bag, which is different to the bag Urabe carries. Momoka brushes it off and they walk into the classroom. Oka is greeted by name by another classmate, saving Momoka the trouble of having to figure it out. The teacher walks in and sits the class down, and Momoka waits for everyone else to sit down to figure out which seat is hers, which she notes is next to Tsubaki. Realizing she doesn't have the textbook for the class, she joins her desk with Tsubaki's and shares his, whispering to him that classmates sharing a textbook is perfectly normal. The teacher writes a complicated math problem on the board and Momoka volunteers to solve it, and easily solves it, making Tsubaki blush. Later Urabe joins in a volleyball game with some other female students outside, while Tsubaki and some of the other boys watch through the windows in the classroom.

After school, Momoka thinks about how fun it was to be someone else for a day, and begins to wonder where she's supposed to meet Tsubaki. Suddenly a car pulls up next to her and her manager grabs her by the arm and insists she comes with him. Momoka insists that she will come back but she needs to do something first, but Takagi doesn't let go. Tsubaki, walking in their direction, sees what he believes to be a stranger trying to force his girlfriend into a car. He rushes them, and punches Takagi in the face, freeing Momoka. Takagi falls to the floor and Tsubaki grabs Momoka's arm and the run away.

Tsubaki makes sure "Urabe" is okay makes a few remarks about the man he punched. Still holding hands, Momoka feels like she really is Urabe and Tsubaki really is her boyfriend. Tsubaki kneels down rubbing his hand and tells her it's the first time he's punched someone so his hand hurts. Momoka blushes and puts her finger in her mouth, and offers her drool to Tsubaki and he tastes it. To her surprise, his nose starts bleeding, and Momoka wonders if that means she has a bond with him.

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