Plot Summary

Urabe is sat in a room, confronted with three people; the man who kidnapped her and two girls. They talk amongst themselves about Momoka Imai, who they are convinced is the girl in front of them. The man explains how he went to the to the town where the Momoka lookalike supposedly lived, on the off-chance Momoka had gone there, and found her on the sidewalk. Urabe interrupts but is cut off by one of the girls, who tells her she shouldn't have disappeared without telling anyone. The man comments on her "dyed" black hair, and then her breasts as he reaches down and touches one. He asks her how many pads she used, but as he continues to fondle her, realizes they feel real.

Urabe rushes the man with her Panty Scissors, then tucks them away and yells that she is Mikoto Urabe, a second-year student from Kazamidai High School. A cardboard cut-out of Momoka next to the man suddenly shatters into tiny pieces.

Surprised, the two girls realize Urabe is telling the truth, and is in fact the lookalike. One of them lifts Urabe's shirt and comments on the lack of high kick restraints, noting that instead she has a pair of scissors. The man asks Nozaki, the short-haired girl, to fetch a wig matching Momoka's hair. After putting it on Urabe, they can't tell her apart from Momoka, though the other girl points out that Urabe's breasts are definitely much larger.

The manager asks if Urabe knows where the real Momoka is, but Urabe doesn't know. A man enters the room and tells them a camera crew is outside ready for an interview. The manager turns to Urabe and asks her if she will pose as Momoka and greet the press. He asks Nozaki and the other girl, Miya, to get Momoka's costume. They grab Urabe and pull her into a dressing room. Urabe tries to struggles, but they get her into the costume and tuck her scissors into the fabric wrapped around her leg. Embarrassed and still trying to resist, Urabe is pushed out and faced with a large group of people with cameras.

Urabe quickly collects herself and starts spinning extremely fast on the spot, amazing her audience. She stops, then pulls out her scissors and spins again while using her scissors. She tucks them away and walks off without saying a word. Suddenly, the Momoka Imai posters and cut-outs near where she stood all fall to pieces, confusing but still amazing the press.

Back inside, Urabe throws the wig on the floor and says she's leaving. The manager kneels before her and asks if she would fill in for Momoka until they find her, and she screams "NO WAY!!"

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