Plot Summary

Urabe goes into the bathroom in the morning and opens a tube of acrylic paint, remembering what Momoka said the day before about wanting to see Urabe and Tsubaki's "bond" for herself.

Now ready for school, Urabe wakes Momoka up and gives her the house key to lock up when she leaves. She instructs her to hide at the time and place they agreed on the day before, so Urabe can show her their "bond" so that Momoka will give up on her "strange" plan as promised; therefore abandoning the idea of occasionally switching places with Urabe. Yawning, Momoka agrees and Urabe sets off for school. Momoka thanks her for letting her stay over, and Urabe closes the door behind her, thinking how strange it is to have someone identical to herself seeing her off in the morning.

At school, Tsubaki is silently reeling in shock over being kicked by Urabe the day before, not knowing it was really Momoka who kicked him. He's gotten used to dealing with her Panty Scissors, but notes that this is the first time she's been physically violent and hit him.

After reaching the spot where their usual routine takes place, Urabe asks if they can do it in the park instead. Tsubaki asks why and Urabe tells him it would be nice for a change of pace. In the park, she offers him her drool as usual, and Tsubaki suddenly has an explosive nosebleed. Shocked, Tsubaki asks if it's possible she isn't wearing any underwear, which had a similar result in the past. She insists that she is and wipes Tsubaki's face with her handkerchief. Urabe apologizes for suddenly doing something to test their bond, but Tsubaki tells her that he's really happy for some reason.

Tsubaki and Urabe part ways and Urabe returns to the park and tells Momoka she can stop hiding. She emerges from the bushes and says she saw what happened. Urabe explains that Tsubaki's nose started bleeding because of the secret conveyed to him through her drool. To Momoka's surprise, Urabe suddenly strips off her shirt and bra to reveal a message written on her body in acrylic paint. The message reads "I love Tsubaki-kun ♥" painted over her breasts and stomach. Urabe explains that even though she didn't convey the message to him in words, it was conveyed through her drool, which excited him and caused the nosebleed.

Back at Urabe's home she is in the shower with Momoka sat outside, telling her she now has to go back to her life as an idol. Momoka however is imagining herself in Urabe's shoes as a school girl, with a boyfriend with a special bond. She notices Urabe's school uniform in a basket next to her and tells Urabe she will give up on her plan to trade places with her, but first she wants to see what might happen if Tsubaki tastes her drool, so she runs off wearing Urabe's uniform. Urabe rushes out of the shower, quickly puts on some underwear, her Panty Scissors, the shirt Momoka was wearing, and a pair of shoes and runs outside.

Urabe walks out into the street looking for Momoka, and suddenly a car pulls up next to her and an arm reaches out and pulls her inside. An angry man tells her she's wasting her time if she thought dyeing her hair would fool him. Confused, Urabe asks the man who he is, who shouts that he's her manager and she's been missing for two days. Under the impression that she's actually Momoka, he declares that he's not letting her get away again and speeds off with her.

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