Plot Summary

Momoka quickly realizes that Urabe could never pose as her in a swimsuit photoshoot because of the considerable bust difference. As she continues to inspect her body she confirms that their waist size is about the same. Urabe suddenly opens her eyes and jolts upright with an angry expression on her face, asking Momoka why she'd lifted up her shirt. Embarrassed, Momoka tells her she couldn't help herself. Urabe dashes off, leaving Momoka in the park shouting after her. She goes back to where Tsubaki was, but he'd clearly woken up and left already.

Urabe goes back to the almost completely naked Momoka who demands she take responsibility for the situation. Urabe drops a bag with her P.E. uniform inside and tells Momoka to put it on and come back to her house to borrow a fresh outfit.

At Urabe's apartment, Momoka takes a shower and Urabe offers her a drink. Curious, she asks Momoka how she found out there was a look-a-like in Kazamidai. Momoka had read a fan letter from Nakajima, the boy in the photography club at Urabe's school, who told her about Urabe and included a photo. Urabe asks if she's serious about occasionally switching places with Urabe. Momoka explains that she enjoys her life, but wants a taste of a normal life before her teen years are over. She is even jealous of her for having Tsubaki as a boyfriend, even though she doesn't think he's anything special.

Suddenly Momoka spots a live concert DVD of hers across the room. Urabe explains that she bought it before Tsubaki is a fan and it made her curious. Momoka puts it on and begins to sing along with herself, impressing Urabe. She picks up her cup and pretends it's a microphone, and beckons Urabe and puts the other cup in her hand. Urabe mimicks her and Momoka is amazed at her dancing and singing abilities, especially since it was her first try. She asks Urabe to reconsider her plan to switch places but Urabe doesn't want to.

Upset, Momoka suddenly recalls what Tsubaki had said about tasting Urabe's drool and asks if they really do that. After Urabe says yes she calls her abnormal and gross, but Urabe tells her that drool is the bond between Tsubaki and herself. Momoka asks for an explanation, but Urabe says she would have to see it to understand. Momoka proposes to observe Urabe feeding Tsubaki her drool, and if she can understand their bond, she will give up on her plan.

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