Plot Summary

Momoka teases Urabe, asking if she's starstruck at the sight of a famous idol, and if Tsubaki has become a fan of hers because of their likeness. Ignoring her, Urabe tries to wake Tsubaki, but Momoka stops her, saying it would be bad if he woke up to find two of the "same person" in front of him. Confused, Urabe asks what Momoka is doing and what she wants. Momoka says she will explain in the park across the road and to not worry about Tsubaki, who just has a mild concussion.

In the park Momoka points at Urabe and says she will be an idol. She explains that because all it took was black hair dye to disguise herself as Urabe, if Urabe dyes her hair brown, she will be able to pose as her just as easily. She proposes that if the two of them work together, they could occasionally switch places without anyone knowing, letting the idol experience the life of a normal girl and vice versa. Confident that Urabe will be interested, Momoka asks if she will be her partner in this plan. Urabe flatly refuses, claiming to be perfectly satisfied with her own life, and begins to walk away.

Not willing to give up, Momoka blocks Urabe's path with her arms spread wide, and says that if Urabe isn't interested, she will have to make her interested. Urabe takes the opportunity to use her scissor attack, completely catching her off guard. Momoka quickly unhooks one of her leg restraints and manages to catch Urabe with a kick to the head, knocking her unconscious.

Urabe now on the ground, Momoka ponders about her speed, which even Momoka had a hard time keeping up with. Thinking Urabe may have the athletic ability to be an idol, her clothes suddenly fall in pieces to the ground, leaving only her socks, shoes, leg restraints, and panties intact.

A short distance away, a dog licks Tsubaki's face, waking him up. Its owner asks if he had a stroke or is unwell, and offers to call an ambulance. Tsubaki assures her he's fine and walks away, recalling how "Urabe" kicked him in the head, and wondering when she had become so violent.

Back in the park, a panicked Momoka tries to wake Urabe up, worried someone might walk by and find her almost naked. She accidentally grabs her breast. After fondling it for a few seconds she becomes curious and lifts her shirt. To her shock, she finds that Urabe's breasts are quite large, and after glancing down at herself, realizes there is at least one physical difference between them after all; bust size.

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