Plot Summary

At a train station, a girl wearing a baseball cap accuses a man of touching her inappropriately. The man angers her, saying she can sue him, but without proof she will only humiliate herself. Enraged, the girl suddenly kicks him in the head, and her hat falls off to reveal her face. She puts it back on and runs away, with everyone on the platform staring in awe. Among them is Ueno, who recognizes the girl as Urabe.

The next day at school, Ueno and Tsubaki are eating lunch together. Ueno tells him about the girl he saw at the station, and to his surprise assures him it was Urabe. Later that day in class Tsubaki thinks about how she had always been somewhat violent with her scissors, but he had never seen her kick anyone before. He admits he could imagine her doing something like that if she had been molested, and that as her boyfriend, he couldn't forgive anyone who would do that to her.

After school Tsubaki spots Urabe in a convenience store and wonders why she isn't waiting at their usual place, and why she isn't wearing her school uniform. After going inside to talk to her, he has to repeat her name several times and finally shout at her to get her attention. The girl points at herself and ask if he's referring to her, and then asks what her first name is. Confused, Tsubaki tells her it's "Mikoto" and asks what she's doing there, and tells her to come with him to their usual place for their daily routine.

Elsewhere another girl who also appears to be Urabe, but this time dressed in her school uniform, is looking for Tsubaki and wonders if he went home without her because she was a little late.

Tsubaki has to repeat "Urabe" several times to get the girls' attention again, and tells her he knows about what happened at the train station the day before. He tells her that he can't forgive anyone who would do that to her and claims he would have liked to knock the guy out himself. The girl asks why, and Tsubaki explains that it's because she's his girlfriend. The girl acts surprised, and Tsubaki asks to do their usual routine before they go home. Still confused, the girl asks what this "routine" is, and Tsubaki explains that he licks her drool off of her finger every day before going home, then gets embarrassed for having to spell it out for her. The girl shrieks and laughs, exclaiming that "this 'Mikoto Urabe' is one weird girl!" and that she'd "gathered enough information" and tries to leave.

Tsubaki grabs her hand and a short distance away, the other Urabe spots them. Tsubaki asks the girl to let him taste her drool so he can understand why she's acting to weird. He tries to put his finger in her mouth and she moves away, and reaches under her skirt. Tsubaki pulls back, under the impression she is about to pull her Panty Scissors out. The girl instead unhooks some kind of restraint on her thigh and kicks him in the head, like she did to the molester at the train station, knocking him unconscious.

Now mere feet away from them, the other Urabe sees this and rushes over with her scissors in hand. The girl sees her coming and swings her leg up once more, crossing with the other girls' arm, her foot inches from the girls' head and the scissors inches from her own face. She realizes the girl with the scissors is in fact "Urabe Mikoto" and pulls out a photo of her from her bag. She explains that with her hair dyed black, they look so alike it's unbelievable. Urabe suddenly realizes the girl is the idol Momoka Imai.

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