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Chaika Travant main image
Chaika Trabant
Kanji チャイカ・トラバント
Rōmaji Chaika Torabanto
Aliases Chaika Travant
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
Light Novel Chaika - The Coffin Princess Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode #1
Japanese Chika Anzai
English Kira Vincent-Davis

Chaika Travant is a silvered hair girl who carries a Gundo in a coffin that is strapped to her back.


Like all Chaikas, she was one of the war orphans from the war against Emperor Gaz. She was abducted along with several young girls to be used in Emperor Gaz's magical experiment, Chaika. Unbeknownst to Chaika, she didn't find out the true purpose of her life until she discovered she was a tool made to gather the remains of the deceased Gaz in order to resurrect the emperor later on.


Chaika Travant is created by Ichirō Sakaki and originally designed by Namaniku ATK. Although she has no direct information from her creators regarding any inspirations used in her character design, her name has references. Her name, Chaika (Ча́йка), relates to a Russian, luxury vehicle which is created by Gaz, a Russin automobile company. Her real surname Gaz is also a reference to that company. Finally, Trabant, (another alternative translation of her last name) can relate to an East German vehicle or it can mean "escort" or "guide" in a Slavic language.

Name Changes

Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks, and Wikipedia has her name as "Trabant" while Anime News Network has her name as "Travant."



She is a young girl with white hair, thick eyebrows, and purple eyes. She usually has blush on her cheeks. Her dress has an elaborate white floral design with a white rose below her collar and a black skirt with white frills. She has black stockings and a white bonnet with metallic hairpins with green jewels in them.


Despite that she is only able to speak broken Japanese, she's an easily distracted person. According to Toru, she's stubborn, but she is kind and determined. It appears she is gullible and naive as she quickly believes in people's statements as demonstrated with this example. During the Fredrika arc, she believe that Akari and Toru were blood related and in a taboo, incestuous relationship much to Toru's chagrin. Being kind, she doesn't resort to violence if someone holds the remains and that person has shown kind hospitality such as Fredrika posing as Dominica and Claudia Dodge.


  • Toru Acura - At first, Chaika thinks Toru was up to no good, but when she got to know him, she puts trust in his leadership. She can get upset when Toru didn't welcome her back with warm affections during the Red and White Chaika incident.
  • Akari Acura - The two work well together during the operations. Akari would treat Chaika like a little sister as seen as how she would wash Chaika's back or retrieve Chaika's butterfly pin during the Red and White Chaika incident.

Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Getting lost in the forest, Chaika encounters Toru who was searching for things to sell. She asks Toru on how to get to Delsorant Town. Before Toru could help her, the two get attacked by a Fayla, a unicorn. After Toru has her jumped into a waterfall, she asks Toru to buy her time while she sets up her Else. Chaika easily blasts the Fayla into pieces.

Afterwards, Chaika treats Toru to a meal as thanks to him for saving her and helping her reach town. Upon seeing Akari, Toru's non-blood related sister, thrash Toru for womanizing and slouching on the job, Chaika hires the two saboteur siblings for a job, helping to gather the remains of her dead father for a proper funeral.

During their first mission, they sneak into Robert Abarth's mansion to steal the remains. While Toru investigates on his own, Chaika leads Akari to the location of the remains, using her locator spells. Chaika finds out that there are two magical energy sources, and she decides to destroy Robert's Gundo first before finding the remain. After Toru defeats Robert (who was helpless without magic), Chaika and the Acura siblings escape the mansion by detonating bombs as distractions. On their way to flee town, Chaika's group runs into Alberic who explains the situation and reveals Chaika's true identity as the daughter of the late Emperor Gaz. As Toru fights Alberic's group on the bridge, Chaika and Akari reached a safe spot to back up Toru from a safe distance. Chaika fires her blinding spells for her teammates to escape. Later on, the Acura siblings assure Chaika that they help Chaika with her mission upon reviewing facts.

Fredrika Arc

Chaika runs into Guy who informs her about the next location of the remains and an automobile they can find. Upon finding the abandoned automobile, Chaika works her magic to restore it and get it working. Later that night, the group gets chased by a pack of Othros until Dominica frightens the Fayla away. Dominica invites Chaika's group into her mansion for the night. Chaika gladly accepts Dominica's invitation. Because Chaika doesn't want to use force due to Dominica's hospitality, she and her group search the mansion for remains but found nothing.

The next morning, Toru accepts Dominica's challenge to get the remains. During the battle, Chaika assists the Acura siblings by using her spells to force Dominica to reveal her true form, a dragoon. Her true name is Fredrika. Once Fredrika is defeated, Chaika claims her father's remains, eyeballs. Fredrika joins Toru's group, so she can fight Toru again.

Red Chaika Arc

In the area of Perimeral, Chaika's group encounters Red Chaika's group who attacked them. While Toru engages Red Chaika alone, White Chaika gets kidnapped by David during the battle. Over at David and Selma's hideout, White Chaika is teased by David who talks about how a real woman's body looks like Selma's. While Chaika happily eats with David feeding her, Selma informs White Chaika about how there are other girls out there with the same mission and looks.

Later that night, David agrees to meet up with Toru's group to exchange Chaikas. Before they could do that, a group of cockatrices attack them, forcing the groups to retreat. On the next day, White Chaika and David meet with Toru's group once again in the Perimeral plaza. White Chaika gets upset with Toru who didn't greet her warmly. After Akari returns her attempts to attack Selma, she returns White Chaika's butterfly pins. On the road, Toru assures White Chaika that he will work for her. Then, White Chaika's group gets stopped by Red Chaika's group. In their second battle, White Chaika blinds David and Red Chaika, allowing Toru to defeat the two.

Simon Scania Arc

With Guy's intel, White Chaika's group head towards Rademio in search for Simon Scania. When their group gets found by Alberic's group, White Chaika informs Alberic that her objective is to give her father a funeral. Only Alberic's group members refuse to believe Chaika. A short battle ensues until Fredrika flies them out of area. Above the Valley of No Return, Chaika insists on exploring it on foot since her locator spells cannot find Simon. The group falls when the ledge crumbles. Moments later, Chaika and her group who are protected in her magical barrier watches Toru's illusions/fantasies with Chaika.

After Toru stumbles in the barrier and regain his sense back, Chaika leads her group through the fog and tracks down Simon who shared his story of betrayal. After Chaika's group claims the remains, Chaika promises her group that she will never betray them.

Blue Chaika Arc

Upon arriving in Duke Gavarni's providence, Toru's group make plans to infiltrate Soara, the floating fortress. Akari sneaks in with the women who were abducted by Gavarni's men. Later that night, Chaika and her group flies towards Soara and reached Akari's location, an armory room, to sneak inside the fortress. When they reached the core of the ship where a giant Gundo is present, several knights attacked Chaika's group. Toru and Chaika are separated from Akari who ends up getting captured. The two run across a mysterious girl named Layla. Once Layla leads Chaika into an elevator, she shuts it to prevent Toru from coming in.

After being captured, Layla spends time with Chaika in her room where she reveals herself as Blue Chaika. She points out to White Chaika about how their mission is a bunch of lies. White Chaika adamantly refuses to believe Blue Chaika's theory on how each Chaika has different qualities to maximize the success in retrieving the remains. Once Blue Chaika leaves, White Chaika tries to figure how to escape. Outside, Soara sustains heavy damage from battle with another floating fortress, Stratus. Both ships descends towards the lake beneath them.

Eventually, White Chaika escapes only to run into Blue Chaika's group in search for the remains. Toru arrives and kills Ricardo to save White Chaika. During the battle, White Chaika knocks out Blue Chaika with her spells, and she then dives into the water to save Toru. Floating up in the air with her spells, Chaika and Toru are saved by Akari and Fredrika.

Powers & Abilities

Being a wizard, she can use magic. She stores her Gundo in her coffin. She can hook up her gun, Else, cord to a circuit located at the back of her neck. This way, she can power up her gun. It takes a while for her to fire her gun since she has do a bit of incantation. Her marksmanship is not as remarkable as Selma who is able to snipe targets with succession.

Chaika's Spells

  • The Blind - It releases a blinding light as a distraction.
  • The Boiler - It boils the target.
  • The Breaker - It breaks magical barriers.
  • The Burner - It burns the target.
  • The Commander - It creates a magical barrier. It's able to interfere with magic. Chaika was able to make safe passageway in the fog that causes illusions.
  • The Floater - It can form a magical sphere that allows her and her target to float in the water and the air.
  • The Intruder - It poisons the target and air. In the anime, it causes Fredrika to reveal her dragoon form.
  • The Locator - It allows Chaika to track down Gundo, magical imbued items. It can be used as a sonar as demonstrated when Chaika tries to map out the layout in the canyon when looking for Simon.
  • The Ripper - It slashes the target.
  • The Silencer - It mutes the sound such as when Akari breaks the jail cell, no sound from the impact is heard.
  • The Sucker - It's a vacuum that sucks in sound.
  • The Slugger - It's magic attack that knocks out her enemy like a punch. She first use this spell against Layla.

Niva Lada

With Niva Lada, this Gundo transforms her Else. She has shown two spells so far.

  • The Annihilator - she first use this spell to demolish Viktor's tower.
  • The Meraviglios - she first use this spell against Emperor Gaz and demolish his floating castle.

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