Perfect Cell (character)
Kanji セル
Rōmaji Seru
Race Bio-Android
Gender Male
Affiliations Red Ribbon Army
Manga Volume #30: Chapter #360
Anime Dragon Ball Z Episode #141
Japanese Norio Wakamoto
English Dameon Clarke

Cell is a character is the Dragon Ball franchise.


Cell is a creation of Dr. Gero and is composed of the DNA of several of the Z Fighters and villains from the series. As a result of this creation, Cell is able to use moves that the Z Fighters can use, such as the Kamehameha. When he was born, he found out that in order to be completed, he would have to absorb Androids 17 and 18. Since when he awoke, both were dead, he killed Future Trunks and used his time machine to travel back to when both Androids were still alive and began his conquest to achieve his perfect form.


Cell was created by Akira Toriyama, the original mangaka and writer for Dragon Ball Z. It is said that Toriyama had to go through several designs before he was satisfied with the way Cell looked in all of his forms.

Major Story Arcs

The Cell Games

Cell announces that his martial arts tournament called The Cell Games will be held on live television. Soon afterwards, the Z Fighters arrive in their most powerful forms (With the exception of Gohan, who was in his Mastered Super Saiyan form as well as Vegeta and Trunks, who were not in their Super Saiyan forms). As they arrive Goku announces that he will face Cell first much to Cell's confusion as he "wanted to save the best for last" however nonetheless Goku says he will still fight Cell first but immediately after this is said Mr. Satan (Hercule) arrives with his students Caroni and Piroshki to face Cell. Caroni first attempts to attack Cell from above, however Cell quickly sent him higher with an enormous energy attack. Caroni proceeds to fall on the ground and immediately concedes realizing that Cell is in fact tremendously powerful, Piroshki then makes the mistake of rushing towards Cell head-first but he is easily flicked backwards by Cell's aura which overwhelmed Piroshki. Both fighters realize they are no match for Cell and attempt to warn Mr. Satan not to fight him, however Mr. Satan quickly confronts Cell and launches a slew of quick punches and kicks that do not even faze Cell who proceeds to flick Mr. Satan into the mountains and after he himself realized he is no match for Cell he fakes to have intense stomach pains in order to avoid fighting Cell, he then proceeds to claim that the techniques displayed in the battle against Cell and The Z Fighters are simple "tricks" or better yet and more specific "illusions".

Goku in his Full Powered Mastered Super Saiyan form engages Cell in an intense battle where he seems to be able to be able to keep up with Cell as the two trade blows and unleash explosive energy in a climatic battle. Much to Goku's surprise Cell used familiar techniques such as the Kamehameha Wave and the Death Beam, as the fight continued Cell eventually became bored of being confined to a tiny ring and proceeded to destroy it turning his fight with Goku into an all-out and complete battle with no rules applied just to make things more interesting for him. As the fight progressed Goku used all of his power and effort going so far as to fly to the sky and begin powering up a very powerful Kamehameha targeted at Cell who was standing on the ground and Cell was noticeably afraid as he claimed that if Goku fired the blast he would destroy the Earth, The Z Fighters also began to fear that Goku may have become seriously desperate to defeat Cell with Krillin saying "Goku's crazy, but he's not that crazy". Goku then used the Instant Transmission technique to teleport right in front of Cell and discharged the blast on him, which blew more than half of Cell's body off and it had vaporized most of Cell's body. During this time, the Z Warriors rejoiced as they believed Cell was defeated until he quickly regenerated and seemed content to continue what he called "a spectacular match", however after seeing this Goku realized that if he continued he would destroy the Earth or he and Cell would die fighting. Goku proceeded to shock everyone by forfeiting the match and reasoned that there was actually someone who could defeat Cell, Goku shocked everyone by stating that Gohan is the one who can defeat Cell and is the one he picked to fight Cell next and the Z Fighters were clearly upset and utterly furious most noticeably Piccolo and Vegeta and typically Cell was amused.

Powers and Abilities

Absorption: - Cell's main power is to absorb other life forms to add to his own energy and body. His absorption ability works in two ways, either piercing his victims with his tail stinger or opening the stinger to consume them whole. He uses this mainly to absorb the people of Earth once he first arrives in the timeline. After that, his power of absorption is used to capture and absorb Android 17 and then Android 18. He is also capable of ejecting miniature and equally-powerful versions of himself from his tail, but only in his perfect form. Possessing cells from the Z Fighters, Cell has use of techniques seen all throughout the series, including the powers from several villains, such as Freiza and Nappa. Cell also has the power to activate a self-destruct sequence in his body that would blow up an entire planet. Other notable techniques that Cell possesses include: Instant Transmission (Shunkan Ido) - Cell acquires this technique from Goku after Cell explodes, destroying King Kai's planet. Solar Flare (Taiyo-ken) - Technique originally used by Tenshinhan, Cell uses it to aid in absorbing Android 18.

Multiform Technique (Shishin no Ken): - The user splits into four, Cell uses this while fighting Goku.

Telekinetic Abilities: - Cell has shown the ability to move easily move large objects with his mind.


Imperfect Cell

Cell's initial form, which is the form he has before he absorbed any of the Androids. While in this form, he can absorbs many humans for energy in this form. Even though this is Cell's initial form, it was strong enough to kill Future Trunks and steal his time machine to travel back in time to where the Android 17 and Android 18 were still intact. Cell has green skin on the arms, legs and tail. In this form, Cell has two wings. Cell also has a long tail which can be used to attack his opponents, but mainly used to adsorb human beings and the Androids.

Semi-Perfect Cell

Cell achieves this form after absorbing Android 17. Cell's body mass increase and has a figure that is more human-like, he even has an actual mouth. Cell still has his tails, but he loses his wings. After absorbing Android 17, his power greatly increases but his power was still no match against Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form. Knowing that he cannot defeat Vegeta with his Semi-Perfect form, Cell uses the Saiyan's nature as an advantage and tells Vegeta that he will get stronger if Vegeta lets him go and absorb Android 18. Vegeta allows him to escape and Cell proceeds to absorb Android 18, who was still trying to escape from Cell.

Perfect Cell

His completed form, which he achieves this form by finally absorbing Android 18. As promised, he continues to fight against Vegeta, but it turns out Vegeta is out his league. When Vegeta became unconscious, Future Trunks tried to defeat him as well, but it turned out to be futile as well. His wing grows back, but his tail gets shorten. The tail is now located on his back, removing the ability to absorb other beings, but from where his tail is located, Cell can produce miniature versions of himself called Cell Juniors, which are weaker than him, but still strong enough to give a hard time to the Z fighters. In his new form, his body consists of colors of black, green and white. His face became close to human as well. Confident in his power, Cell starts The Cell Game, which is gave all the fighter ten days to train. In the end, only one who could defeat him was Gohan.

Super Perfect Cell

Cell's strongest form, which he ironically achieves this after reforming from blowing himself up sacrificing Goku. Despite spitting out Android 18, Super Perfect Cell is identical to Perfect Cell with the addition of a lighting charged aura, similar to that of a Super Saiyan 2. Even though he was easily beaten by Gohan in his Perfect form, his Super Perfect form gave him more power, making harder for Gohan to fight against him. So proud his form, he threatens to destroy the entire solar system with his ki beam. Later he was defeated by Gohan's Kamehameha blasting in to little pieces until there was no trace of him left.

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