Cebin Mendel main image
Cebin Mendel
Kanji ケビン メンデル
Rōmaji Kebin Menderu
Aliases Kevin Mendel
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliations X-Laws
Teams Team "X-III"
Cobra Unit (Former)
Manga Shaman King Volume #12: Chapter 104
Anime Shaman King Episode #25
Japanese Wataru Takagi
English Pendng

He is a shaman and an X-Law member who wants revenge on Hao Asakura just like all of his teammates.


His spirit ally is Remiel, the archangel. He is an Austrian sniper who is part of the Austrian federal police.


Cebin Mendel, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him.

Story Arcs

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch's Test)

Cebin Mendel makes his first appearance after Marco kills Boris with his arch angel, Michael. In the caves, Cebin introduces himself with this teammates to Yoh's group. When Big Guy Bill ambushes his team, Cebin and the rest of the team unleash their arch angels on him.

Back to Tokyo For the First Tournament Event

After match three of day one is over, Cebin and his team surrounds Yoh who is with Lyserg at the docks of the X-Ark.

At match five of day two begins, Cebin's team, X-III, fights Hao Asakura's team Hoshi (Star). Cebin's team is the first ones to attack, but the first ones to fall. Cebin feels no remorse for Meene's death when she is the first one to be killed by the Spirit of fire. After Hao mocks his team and calls Cebin skinny, Cebin tells Venstar that he is next. Cebin reveals his burn face, and his face reveals how

angry he is after Hao has burned his body and left him for dead those years ago. However, Cebin is kill when the Spirit of Fire slams his arch angel on him. After Venstar blows himself up with Hao due to a special grenade that takes away the oxygen in the air, Hao remains unharmed and congratulates the team for their efforts. Hao's "reward" to the fallen X-Laws is having the Spirit of Fire devour their souls.

Death: Cebin is killed by Hao's spirit and has soul devour just like the rest of his team, X-III.

Flashback before Cebin's match on the X-Ark

Cebin tells that Lyserg's kindness is a good asset to the team and acknowledge Lyserg's worries. Cebin and his team knew that they will die, but they will die finding Hao's spirit medium and weakness to help the X-Laws.

Powers & Abilities

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

Cebin's oversoul is Remiel's robotic like body, and his spirit medium is likely his hands or arms. [1] For other X-laws, their spirit medium is a gun or other military weapons.


  1. Volume 16

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