Work in Progress


  • Characters - add to every character page.
  • {Name} Franchise - same as above


A policy (work in progress)


A policy (work in progress)


For gender, we add it based on biological sex instead of socio or cultural circumstances due to making things more simple and less biased.


These are our current category list:

  • Simulcasts
  • Companies


These are our current category list:

  • Concepts
  • Tropes



  • Franchises - add to every anime/manga franchise's first page
  • {Name} Franchise - same as above


Add genres to the franchise pages.

  • Examples: Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, Horror, Sports,



If your image is an official art or a spread from an official magazine, use one of these categories:

Special Images

These categories are for images where we have extensive collections for them:

Optional: Character's Images

It's not required but recommended if you are in a heavy or light wiki project involving "X" amount of images. You tag the images that character has appeared in with {Category:Character's Images}


Anime, Manga, and Light Novels

Every List of Volumes/List of Episodes is recommended to have categories of "YYYY Manga Series" or "YYYY Light Novel Series"

[[Category:2010 Manga Series]]
[[Category:2010 Anime Series]]
[[Category:2010 Light Novel Series]]

For a list of series by years, go to the hub category pages:


The list of merchandise pages should be tag with "Merchandise" category. Images should be tag with the following categories:


This is our current list of categories for people pages.


Special Templates

{{Rest in Peace}} 

for deceased people. It automatically adds the Deceased People category. Just add this template.

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