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Cang Du
Kanji 蒼都 (ツァン·トゥ)
Rōmaji Tsan Tu
Aliases "I" - "The Iron"
Race Quincy
Gender Male
Affiliations Wandenreich
Teams Sternritter
Manga Bleach Chapter #495

Cang Du is powerful male Sternritter in service to the Wandenreich Emperor Yhwach. His rank and epitaph is "I" - "The Iron".


Like many members of the Wandenreich the origin of Cang Du is currently unknown.


Cang Du was created by Tite Kubo to serve as a secondary antagonist in his manga, Bleach. His first appearance was during Volume 56 of Bleach, Chapter 495, Bleeding Guitar Blues.

Character Evolution


Cangs appearance is that of a tall but slim man, with short messy dark hair. His facial features are limited having a scar going up the side of his mouth, and small narrow eyes. His attire is a variant on the basic Sternritter officer uniform, consisting of a pure white cloak, a large white trench coat, and a small pair of finger less pure white gloves.


Cangs personality is very limited in that he appears to be very apathetic towards nearly all situations, which is shown in his lack of emotion at the announcement of Uryū becoming the successor of Yhwach, an action which shocked many of his fellow Sternritter. Beyond this he tries to enforce his own ideology of “things that live together, should die together”. He is also shown to have an extreme level of respect and loyalty towards the Wandenreich Emperor and Father of the Quincy, Yhwach, refusing to let the Wandenreich Grand master and Second in Command Jugram Haschwalth kill him unless it was Yhwach himself who did it.

Major Story Arcs

Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Cang appears during the first invasion of the Soul Society by the Wandenreich, in which he encounters the captain of the 10th division, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, who activates his Bankai to try and kill him. Cang however, like many of the Sternritter at that moment activates his Quincy Medallion and steals his Bankai, an action which shocks Tōshirō. A battle between Cang and Tōshirō ensues off screen and as the invasion comes to a close, Captain Commander Yamamoto engages Royd Lloyd, who is under the guise of Yhwach, in battle, Releasing his Bankai, Zanka no Tachi in the process, which begins to have adverse effects on the stolen Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, causing it to melt melting it, something which both Cang and the heavily beaten Tōshirō note.

After the Wandenreich retreat from the Soul Society, Cang and the rest of the high ranking Sternritter are present at an announcement in which Yhwach proclaims that his successor is the newcomer, Uryū Ishida . Unlike many of the Sternritter present however, Cang remains very silent and apathetic at the news.

Cang appears once again during the Second invasion of the Soul Society by the Wandenreich. He interrupts the fight between Bazz-B and Tōshirō, just before the former could kill him, stating that Yhwach promised that they were to leave the captains to the individuals who stole their Bankai from them. Bazz-B becomes angered at this but Cang continues onward regardless, throwing the beaten and unconscious Rangiku Matsumoto onto the ground beside Tōshirō, stating that it’s appropriate that they should both die together.

Cang activates Tōshirōs Bankai to deal the final blow, noting that it’s a very beautiful Bankai and stating that the fact it will live on after his death makes him sad. Before he can deal the final blow however, Kisuke Urahara arrives in the Soul Society and sends out the Shin'eiyaku to the Captains who lost their Bankai, and upon Tōshirō touching the pill, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru begins to break apart and cause heavy bleeding to Cang, which shocks him.

Cang begins to question why this is happening, and starts to attack Tōshirō with the little power his has left over Hyōrinmaru, but it has little effect as the attacks are redirected. Cang opts to attack in Hand to Hand combat, which also has little effect, he then begins to question Tōshirōs ideology that Bankai even have souls just before Hyōrinmaru finally returns to its master. Cang, in a last ditch effort to kill Tōshirō opts to use his own Reishi Claws for an attack and activates his Shé Jìn Zhǎo, but before the attack could even gain traction, Tōshirō seals him in a massive four pointed star of pure ice, an action which he apologies for stating that he should have made it a five pointed pentagram.

During the mass activation of the Quincy: Vollständig, Cang is freed from the ice prison and is then taken before Yhwach along with fellow Sternritter BG9. As Yhwach begins to judge them for their failure on the field of battle, BG9 pleads with him for a second chance noting that the Vollständig revived them and that they are still capable of fighting in his name. Jugram however steps forward and states that they should consider the fact that they survived their battles as good luck, and then goes on to state that their good luck should be answered with misfortune as he brings his sword straight down onto Cangs shoulder. Jugram however is shocked to see that Cang neutralized the attack with his special ability “The Iron”, and Cang then proclaims that he will only allow Yhwach himself to kill him. Jugram notes that this is his second piece of good luck today and then asks Cang if he can see the tilting of the scales, which Cang actually sees as a massive set of ominous scales behind Jugram before the latter cuts straight through his body.

Powers and Abilities


Cang Du is one of the commanders in the Wandenreich, serving as one of the immensely powerful Sternritter, a select group of elite Quincys whose power is far greater than their underlings due to their unique skills bestowed to them by the Quincy Father and Emperor Yhwach. While Cang Du displayed very little in the way of standard Quincy abilities and skills, his knowledge of their fighting style and skills is likely vast due to how highly ranked he is within the Wandenreich. He is capable of fighting evenly with and in some cases outright overpowering Captain level Shinigami with both his greater power and speed. His power is great enough that he is able to defeat Lieutenant level Shinigami seemingly effortlessly, shown when he easily caught up to and defeated a retreating Rangiku Matsumoto.

As a Quincy, Cang Du should also have great skill in their ranged arts, however he never displayed the ability to create his Reishi Bow or fire their trademark Holy Arrows at any of his targets. His weapons of choice are a pair of Reishi Claws that he creates on both of his wrists, extending outwards over his hand with multiple parallel sharp blades on each of them. His skill with these weapons is great enough to fight with powerful Shinigami on even ground.

Despite not being shown in the series, Cang Du was confirmed to have access to the Quincy: Vollständig, stated when both he and BG9 were revived by its activation after their defeat


Blut Vene - A skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By allowing Reishi to flow through their veins, a Quincy is able to dramatically bolster their defence to levels where they are able to fend off direct attacks from a Captains Shikai. The defence is not completely absolute however, as sufficient power is able to tear through it, such as power from a Bankai or by a sufficiently powerful individual.

Blut Arterie - The counter to Blut Vene, a skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By flowing Reishi through their arteries‘, a Quincy is able to boost their damage potential to incredible levels. Very little else is known about this skill, but it's said to be the only way a Quincy is able to deal sufficient and decent damage to a Bankai wielding Shinigami.

The Iron - Cangs special ability granted to him by Yhwach. "The Iron" grants Cang Du the ability to make his skin near invulnerable to physical damage by making his skin as hard as metal, seemingly iron. With this he was able to defend himself against an attack by the Quincy Grandmaster Jugram, despite Jugram later cutting straight through the defensive benefits grated by “The Iron” shortly after.

Shé Jìn Zhǎo - Cangs special attack that he can activate in conjunction with his Reishi Claws by placing his hands together with his claws pointed toward his enemy. When activated, it creates a violent outburst of Reishi around his entire body that takes on the head of a snake and drives himself at high speed towards his intended target. The effects upon impact are unknown as he was killed before they could be seen.

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