Camie main image
Kanji ケイミー
Rōmaji Keimī
Aliases Keimi
Race Mermaid
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Green
Manga One Piece Volume #21: Chapter #195
Anime One Piece Episode #385
Japanese Keimi

Under his Pappagu's tutelage, Camie is a mermaid who aspires to be a clothing designer. She worked for some time for Hatchan at his Takoyaki (octopus ball) cart, but later got a job at the popular mermaid cafe of Madam Sharley in Fish-Man Island.


Like with most of the merfolk, Camie could only dream of many of the wonders in the Sabaody Amusement Park in Sabaody Archipelago. As a little girl she would swim under the cover of night from Fish-Man Island and get as close as she dared to look at all the lights and rides. The ride she dreamed of the most was the ferris wheel. Few merfolk would step foot on the island due to the discrimination they could face. The slave trade trade was also legal on the island, and mermaids were sold at the highest possible prices.

As Camie grew up, she by the Pappagu, a famous fashion designer from Fish-Man Island, and became friends. She dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, and he became both teacher and pet to her. Though as fast as she could swim, she would often get swallowed by some of the giant sea monsters then later escape. One time she was rescued by the octopus-fishman named Hatchan. He also saved her from a pirate gang led by Macro who were going to try and sell her to the slave trade. She would then stay close to her new friend and work for him at his takoyaki stand.



Camie is a lighthearted and easy going mermaid with light green hair and pink tail. Though, at times a bit too easy going. She is so absent minded that she is frequently being either swallowed by sea monsters or abducted by kidnappers to be sold at the slave markets. Often with her master/pet Pappagu. This requires that they both be rescued by Hatchan, formerly a pirate under the command of the evil Arlong. Arlong had murdered the mother of the Straw Hat Pirates navigator, Nami.


She can often have wild reactions when shocked or scared, but her carefree personality tends to lead her to recover quickly.

Little changed in Camie's design after the two year time skip other than her hair style, and her personality was still the same.

Major Story Arcs

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Camie and Pappagu had once again been swallowed by a sea creature but was rescued by some human pirates. She fell on their ship. They were called the Straw Hat Pirates, and she had offered they free tokoyaki at Hatchan's shop as a thanks. Though before they could arrive, Hatchan called her a transponder snail that he'd been captured by the Flying Fish Riders. Luffy, the pirate leader, offered to save her friend, and she led them to the Flying Fish Rider's base. Once there, it was discovered that Hatchan had a bad past with these pirates. They were refusing to help him, but their navigator Nami gave the okay after Camie was captured by Macro and his crew while trying to save Hatchan herself. The pirates easily defeated the Flying Fish Riders; but Sanji, the cook, was cast into the sea covered in a steel net by Duval. Camie dove in to his rescue. With Hatchan rescued, they returned to his ship to cook for the Straw Hats.

Camie joined Hatchan as they went to Sabaody Archipelago to Straw Hat's ship a special coating so they could head to Fish-Man Island. After not being able to find Rayleigh at the shop owned by Shakky, Luffy and some of the pirates had her join them on their search through Sabaody Park. While there she was able to love out her childhood dream and ride the giant ferris wheel. Though, the fun came to an end when a kidnapper abducted her as everyone else was distracted. She was taken to the human shops to be sold as a slave.

Just as she was being sold to one of the Celestial Dragons for an exorbitant price, Luffy came bursting in to save her. As Hatchan tried to stop him from making a scene, Camie witnessed as Saint Charloss shot Hatchan. Luffy became so enraged he struck Charloss, and the rest of his crew went into battle to save her. Just as Saint Shalria was about to kill Camie as retaliation for attacking her family, she was stopped by the power of Silvers Rayleigh. With all the other slaves freed, Luffy and the rest got her and Hatchan so they could escape through the Marine forces outside to Shakky's Bar. After some rest, the Straw Hats left to go into hiding from the Marines on the island, and Camie stayed with Hatchan to care for his wounds.

Dawn Island Arc

The Straw Hats had been unable to escape and had been scattered across the world by Bartholomew Kuma. Camie, Papaggu, and Hatchan stayed with Shakky as Hatchan recovered and to help watch over the Thousand Sunny with the Flying Fish Riders, who were now allies. Some days after the events of the war at Marineford, Kuma appeared to take over guarding the ship. Since the Straw Hats were staying away for two years to train, Camie returned with Hatchan to Fish-Man Island to wait for their friends arrival.

Fish-Man Island Arc

After the two years had passed, the Straw Hats had arrived at Fish-Man Island but not after a brief clash with the New Fish-Man Pirates. Some of the crew hat been separated in the tides outside of the island and were rescued with the help of the Medaka Sisters and other mermaids. Luffy, Sanji, Chopper, and Usopp call woke up at her place. She took them to meet her friends at Mermaid Cove, but this became too much fo Sanji, who suffered a massive nosebleed and was in need of a transfusion. The situation became desperate enough that she stole the transport of the Fish-Man Island princes, who were searching for the Straw Hats, to get Sanji into town for help. After Sanji was saved, Camie took Luffy and Usopp to meet Madam Sharley, then to Pappagu's house. They later found Nami at Pappagu's store, then King Neptune arrived to invite Luffy and his friends to Ryugu Palace for saving the princess' pet shark Megalo.

The castle was thrown into turmoil soon after they all arrived. The Straw Hats were being blamed for recent kidnapping at Mermaid Cove, but Camie could only watch as the crew fought capture and won, tying up the king and all the guards. A misunderstanding had turned into a hostage situation. It was about this time that Princess Shirahoshi was reported missing from Ryugu Palace, and Hordy Jones was staging a coup with hew New Fish-Man Pirates on the castle. Before the fighting could break out, Nami asked Camie to take her to the Sea Forest to meet with Jimbei. When they arrived, Luffy was already there with some of the crew, Shirahoshi, an injured Hatchan and Jimbei. Camie listened as Jimbei explained the true story behind the death of Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime.

With the story over, Hordy Jones had sent out a declaration that he had taken Ryugu Palace and was going to kill the royal family he had captured. Camie stayed out of the battle but watched as Luffy and his friends fought against the New Fish-Man Pirates and the over 100,000 human-pirate army Hordy had enslaved. After Luffy defeated Hordy, there was a giant party at Ryugu Palace to celebrate. It wasn't too long after that the Straw Hats had to leave to continue their journey. Camie was there among many others to say goodbye as they left.

Powers & Abilities

Camie is a young mermaid who has no powers or special abilities other than those she inherited as a mermaid. Mermaids in the world are the fasted living creatures in the water. She also has the ability to communicate with fish.

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