Bulat main image
Kanji ブラート
Rōmaji Burāto
Aliases Braht
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
The Empire (Former)
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Katsuyuku Konishi
English David Wald


Once a feared and accomplished soldier of the Empire, Bulat lost his belief in the country he fought for when the corruption that ran rampant throughout it saw his superior officer, Liver, disgraced and imprisoned. Facing criminal charges without just cause himself, Bulat deserted from the military, and later became a part of Night Raid.

His military training is revealed in a special chapter 2: "Kill the Mad Swordsman." His teacher, master Ginsei, had taught him the way of the sword and passed down the Imperial Arms, Incursio, to Bulat.


Bulat is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a supporting character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, he is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura.

Prior to the official guidebook being published later on, his name is a reference Bulat steel, a steel alloy produced in Russia's medieval times and it was called cold steel. He has a profile in the Akame ga Kill Guide Book which hasn't been officially licensed and translated for audiences outside of Japan. His profile is located on page 48 and ends on page 51.

He makes his debut in Akame ga Kill volume 1: chapter 1, "Kill the Darkness," and episode 1 of the same name. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi.



Bulat is a tall, well-built, though not muscle-bound man. He wears a black, leather coat with spikes protruding from the shoulders, a black body-armour underneath his coat, and white long pants buckled with a green belt. His hair is usually fashioned into a quite distinct pompadour which seems to have a heart shaped tip.

Before deserting the imperial army, Bulat's hair style was all messy and draped down to his chin. He wore a white uniform with a coat which extended past his waist. Underneath that coat, he has a black zipped up shirt. His uniform is loose compared to his tightly wrapped armor.


Energetic, cheerful and normally easy-going, Bulat is usually a very friendly and enthusiastic man who tends to get along with those around him. Despite his somewhat lackadaisical demeanor, Bulat is fully aware of the more serious side of his line of work, understanding the possibility of retribution for the blood that they've spilled, and that it may be deserved. He is also a disciplined and seasoned soldier, with a strong understanding of the situations of warfare.

Bulat is a great believer in the necessity of training, and is very enthusiastic of it. He is almost certainly gay, despite having lightly-denied it, and is attracted to Tatsumi who he acts as a mentor for. Bulat also possesses a vain streak.


For more relationships with other characters, please refer to Bulat's friends and enemies subsections.

  • Tatsumi: The two share a mentor and student relationship. Tatsumi will refer Bulat as big bro. However (as noted by Leone), Bulat sees himself sharing a more intimate relationship with Tatsumi which makes Tatsumi feel a little awkward. Bulat's teachings help mold Tatsumi into a strong soldier and to see the harsh reality of the Imperial Capital. After Bulat's death, his legacy, philosophy, and teachings continue to push Tatsumi to his limits. As demonstrated in the anime exclusive ending, Bulat's words fuel Tatsumi's drive to win at all costs, forcing his Incursio to evolve.
  • Liver: Bulat had respected his superior due his accomplishments and had refused to leave Liver who was framed without just cause. Facing his former superior in battle, Bulat easily fight Liver to the death without holding back after seeing how far Liver had fallen. Bulat refuses his offer because he is a defender of the people unlike Liver.

Story Arcs


Bulat and Night Raid members attack Aria's mansion. Akame and Bulat easily kills off the guards. Once Leone acknowledges Tatsumi's strengths, she has Bulat carried him to their hideout. During the induction and training of Tatsumi, Bulat helps Tatsumi learn to swing a sword without unnecessary movements. When Najenda issues an order to wipe out spies who had found their location, Bulat tags team with Tatsumi, working together. At the same time, Bulat demonstrates what an Imperial Arms is by using his Incursio. In minor missions, he helps out with the group on hunting down Zank whom was defeated by Akame and help his group combat Lokal's personal guards. When Najenda tries to inform Tatsumi about Imperial Arms while having Tatsumi try Zank's Imperial Arm, Tatsumi asks if there is an Imperial Arms that brings back the death. As everyone's face look grim, Bulat tells Tatsumi that everyone only has one life.

After the death of Sheele, Bulat punches Tatsumi for losing control and suggesting an attack without a plan. Bulat reminds Tatsumi what he had said back when Tatsumi joined Night Raid, anyone can die at anytime.

Kill the Mad Swordsman

Note: This is a special/extra story in the manga.

Out in the forest, Bulat, Akame, and Tatsumi are searching for medicinal herbs. When Akame spots a temple, Bulat's group head over to investigate. Bulat runs into his former master, Ginsei, and his group of old men. Ginsei is shocked at how much Bulat has changed after failing to recognize his old student. Afterwards, Bulat and his group join Ginsei for tea. Ginsei allows them to take as much medicinal herbs. Bulat explains to Tatsumi about Ginsei who was his old teacher of the martial arts that was used in the imperial army. Once Ginsei notices how strong Bulat's companions are, he sends a strong killing intention which Akame and Bulat had felt. Bulat states they haven't stopped growing yet.

After cases of unsolved murder by the White Brow Association, Najenda orders her group to assassinate them. Upon hearing Leone's intel, Bulat, Tatsumi, and Akame immediately connects to his former master and his group. When Akame brings Ginsei's killing intent, Bulat has thought it was merely a feeling of provocation. Bulat states that his master was a straight-laced, stubborn man who wouldn't kill indiscriminately. Later that night, Bulat confronts Ginsei who explained that living in retirement was nothing but emptiness. After being attacked by bandits, Ginsei realizes that for him to feel alive is to take the lives of others. Learning Ginsei had crossed the line, Bulat charges at Ginsei who happily accepts a duel with Bulat. Because Ginsei knew Incursio and personally trained Bulat, he easily overwhelms Bulat. Bulat notices Ginsei is skilled enough to cut through Incursio's armor. Nearly dodging and fending off Ginsei's fast and furious attacks, Bulat jumps and throws his Neuntöte at Ginsei. Once Ginsei loses sight of Bulat, Bulat uses his invisibility to get behind Ginsei and attempts to punch Ginsei, only to his Ginsei's blade.

With his invisibility wearing off, Bulat prepares for a final strike. Both Ginsei and Bulat exchange one final attack. Ginsei praises Bulat and explains a person who kills can become a demon. He points that Bulat will suffer the same fate as him. Bulat meets up with his Night Raid members who finished killing the three men. In his mind, Bulat confidentally states that he is not Ginsei and that he will live like he always have been.

Kill the Three

After hearing about Esdeath's return and her group, Three Beasts, slaughtering Honest's political opponents. Bulat and the others embarks on a mission to assassinate the Three Beasts and to protect those who oppose Honest. On Ryuusen, Bulat uses his invisibility to scout ahead for any suspicious individuals while Tatsumi keeps a close eye on a politician. After Nyau has place everyone under sleep while Daidara attacks Tatsumi, Bulat intervenes and saves Tatsumi. He explains to Tatsumi to always watch your surroundings as he knocks back both Nyau and Liver who attempt to ambush Bulat. Bulat cuts down Daidara in half.

Shocked by Liver's appearance and his alliance to Esdeath, Bulat vows to complete his mission even if he has to kill his own former superior. Then, Liver attacks first with his Water Spirit Cannon. Bulat blocks it with his spear. Meanwhile, Tatsumi tries to defeat Nyau who attempts to back up Liver. When Liver uses his serpent shaped water attacks, Bulat slices the serpent instead of dodging it. Now that Bulat is in the air, Liver attacks immediately with Dark Stream Spear, multiple geysers from the ocean converging on Bulat. Bulat's mask breaks a bit upon on impact. After Liver blasts Bulat with his Water Dragon's Divine Conquest attack, Bulat surprises Liver who dropped his guard. Before Bulat could defeat Liver, Nyau jumps to intercept the attack. Knocking down Nyau and losing his chance to end Liver's life, Bulat feels the strain of his armor after taking Liver's attacks. He deactivates Incursio.

When Liver tries to convince Bulat to join Esdeath, Bulat refuses since he is a true defender of the people and wouldn't want to support Honest and Esdeath's corrupt ways. In a heated sword duel, Bulat manages to cut Liver down. Earlier, Liver has used a drug which made his blood poisonous. Bulat is unable to dodge all of Liver's last resort attack, blade of blood. Knowing he is fatally poisoned, Bulat entrusts Tatsumi with Incursio's Key. After Tatsumi successively dons Incursio and kills Nyau, Bulat dies with a smile, knowing Tatsumi will carry on the battle.

Powers & Abilities

An incredibly skilled and capable fighter, Bulat earned the monicker "100-man killer" for some feat during his military career in the Empire. Not only is he a powerhouse in direct combat, he has a solid understanding of principles of combat, emphasizing the need to be aware of one's surroundings in battle. Bulat typically uses a pole-arm in battle, but sometimes uses a sword as well.

Imperial Arms - Demon Armour Incursio

Bulat's Imperial Arms contain a sword, a spear called Neuntöte, and a suit of armour. The sword is used to call the armour from another dimension, whereupon it completely envelopes the user's body. As well as offering physical protection, the armour also boosts the user's strength and speed considerably. Incursio has an additional ability as well, allowing the wielder to turn invisible while the armour is equipped, though there is a time limit on this, based on the user's endurance. Bulat can wield Neuntöte with deadly force, as he is seen killing a group of bandits in a few moments or cutting down Daidara in half.

Other Media

He also makes a debut in Akame ga Kill (ONA), a collection of shorts that features chibi characters.

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