Budo main image
Kanji ブドー大将軍
Rōmaji Budō Daishogun
Aliases Budoh
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 190cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Affiliations The Empire
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #10: Chapter #45
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #20
Japanese Hozumi Gōda


Budo is the Great General of the Empire, making him the highest ranked military officer, as well as the strongest warrior next to general Esdeath. His family has served the throne for generations, typically protecting king and country from outside threats while not becoming involved in interior matters. Budo has been content to follow in his forefather's footsteps for most of his life, but seeing how the corruption perpetuated by the Prime Minister Honest has damaged the stability of the country, he now looks to take a more personal hand in domestic affairs.


He is a character in the Akame ga Kill manga created by TAKAHIRO & Tashiro Tetsuya, and first appears in volume 10, though he is mentioned far earlier.



Budo is a very large, very broad-shouldered man who wears a considerable amount of armour on his upper-torso. The arrangement of armour plates on his torso somewhat resembles a dragon, with the plates along his stomach looking like the creatures' neck, and the head beginning at the bottom.. He often wears a cape with shoulder pads over this, but discards it when it is time to fight. Physically, Budo is a middle aged man with lightly coloured hair that is swept back. Two large strands of hair protrude from his temples and are swept back as well. Budo often appears to emit either smoke or steam.


Budo is a serious and stern man with a powerful sense of duty. For most of his life, this has led him to use his strength and military might to protect his country from outside threats and guarding the Imperial Palace. More recently however, the scale of unrest has grown so great that he has decided that he will have to personally deal with the Prime Minister Honest, who is responsible for much of corruption, to truly protect his country. However, Budo has chosen to prioritize dealing with the rebels and foreign forces that threaten the peace first.

As the guardian of the Royal Palace, Budo not only repels intruders and invasions, but prevents bloodshed within the palace grounds as well. Fearing no-one, he is prepared to kill anyone who would attempt to disrupt the palace's peace.

Powers & Abilities

Next to Esdeath, Budo is physically the most powerful human being in the Empire. While his size suggests incredible strength, he does not lack speed, as even the assassin Kurome, a particularly nimble and quick fighter was impressed by his agility. As with most characters in the series, he has achieved physical prowess beyond real-world human limits through training.

Budo also commands the Imperial guard, who are alongside Esdeath's army, considered the Empire's greatest military force.

Imperial Arm - Adrammelech

Budo is in possession of one of the Empire's treasures, an Imperial Arm. These artifacts were created 1000 years ago by the first Emperor to protect his kingdom, and all possess fantastic powers. Budo's Arm is known as Adrammelech, and while it has been seen in action, its exact form and function are unclear. It is more than likely however, that it is either the armour that he wears, or at least the armour's gauntlets.

He has used rods protruding from his armour's wrists to deliver a devastating pile bunker-like attack to one opponent, while creating a ball of energy between the rods on another occasion and launching it at a target.

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