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Bridget Evans
Bridget Evans
Kanji ブリジット・エヴァンス
Rōmaji Burijetto Evansu
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 151 cm
Weight 43 kg
Measurements 76/59/79
Hair Color Light Blue
Occupations Cosplayer
Manga Oreimo Volume 4: Chapter 1
Anime Oreimo Season 1 Episode 10
Japanese Misaki Kuno

Bridget Evans is a young cosplayer in Oreimo who was the winner of the Stardust Witch Meruru cosplay competition.



She's a young British girl who has vibrant blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair. Her hair is usually fashioned in a short ponytail that extends past her shoulders. She is a short, young girl. Her Alpha Omega outfit comprises of gloves, a short skirt, boots, a wand, and a short blouse.

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