Boris Tepes Dracula Main Image
Boris Tepes Dracula
Kanji ボリス・ツエペシユ・ドラキユラ
Rōmaji Borisu Tsuepeshiyu Dorakiyura
Aliases Boris Teppes Dracula III
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Hao's followers
Teams Team "Kaze-Gumi"
Manga Shaman King Volume #9: Chapter #78
Anime Shaman King Episode #25
Japanese Kôji Ishii
English Oliver Wyman

He is a shaman who has vampiric powers and his ghost is a vampire hunter named Blamuro.


Boris explains why he hates humans and why he has sided with Hao. It begins with Boris's ancestor, Vlad Tepes. Vlad Tepes is a hero of Wallacia for repelling the Turkish Ottoman army. However, his strategy has cost him more because Vlad impaled 20,000 Turkish and place them where the Turkish Ottoman army will see them. This grotesque strategy has nicknamed Vlad as a vampire and his family has been persecuted throughout the century. When Hao Asakura (Patch version) appears, he offers Boris's family shamanic powers to become vampires to get revenge.[1]

Story Arc

After killing his ally, Damayji, he attacks by biting Lyserg and manipulate him by using Blamuro. He manipulate his cape to become bats and attack Yoh and gang. When Ryu beats Boris's face and has the upper hand, Boris attacks the tourists and drains their blood to make impalement stakes. Boris controls Lyserg to attack Yoh and threatens to kill Lyserg when Blamuro, who is controlling Lyserg, points Yoh's Harusame at Lyserg's neck. Also, Boris's impalement stakes are pointed at Ryu and friends. However, the situation does not scare Yoh and friends. Ryu, Horohoro, and Ren destroys the impalement stakes while Amidamaru kindles Blamuro's conscience which stops Blamuro from killing Lyserg. Ryu unleashes his devastating new attack on Boris and Boris falls down on a cliff. When Yoh rushes to help the fallen Boris, Boris, who says Yoh, gets stab by Michael, the archangel. Marco and Michael kills Boris.

Powers and Abilities

Boris's spirit medium is blood and his spirit ally, Blamuro, can integrate with the blood to change forms and take over living humans. Boris's cape is made of blood and can attack by becoming bats.

Boris has excellent swordsmanship when he battles Ryu.


  1. Volume 12

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