Bols main image
Kanji ボルス
Rōmaji Borusu
Aliases Bors
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Jägers
The Incineration Squad
Romantic Partners Nameless Wife
Relatives Logue (Akame ga Kill!) (Daughter)
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #4: Chapter #15
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #9
Japanese Eiji Takemoto
English John Swasey


Initially part of the Empire's incendiary squad, Bols' use of a flamethrower that was an ancient artifact flamethrower saw him drafted into the special police force, the Jaegers. He's been married for six years and had a daughter with his wife and according to him, his wife rejected him twice before they become close and got married. While the team carries out general police duties, their main purpose is to hunt down and eliminate the revolutionary assassin group, Night Raid.


Bols is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a minor character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, he is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. He currently has no information regarding any inspiration, early art work, or name changes used in his character design.



Bols is a tall and massively-built man who almost always wears an unusual gasmask with a nozzle at the mouth and cross-guards over the eyes. This tends to give him an intimidating appearance to the uninitiated. He is usually bare-chested, displaying 3 claw-like scars on his chest, and wears beige arm-guards and trousers. His full features when unmasked have never been revealed, but he has been shown to have lightly-coloured hair which is spiked backwards.


Despite his fearsome appearance, Bols is actually a quite shy and retiring person who feels intimidated by others. When he does engage people he is usually polite, considerate and un-aggressive. He is a dutiful soldier, and always follows orders to the best of his ability, although he sometimes finds those orders questionable. He does not believe, however, that following orders absolves him of guilt, and thinks that one day, the karma of his actions will catch up with him, and that the hatred and distrust that his appearance brings is something that he deserves for his actions.

Bols is happily married and has a young daughter. The emotional support of his family is something that he greatly appreciates and depends on to see him through trying times. Despite some hiccups, he has been welcomed into the Jaegers with open arms and is well-liked by most of his teammates. He is a very capable cook and usually cooks for the rest of the Jaegers. When he was confronted by Night Raid, as he was their target, he states that he knew that something like that would have happen one day, but the thought of his family kept him fighting and when he was fatally wounded he tried to crawl back to his home in order to see his family once again before dying.

Powers & Abilities

As befitting his large size, Bols has considerable strength, having grappled with and overpowered monsters, and can move with the massive canister of his Imperial Arms on his back with little trouble. He has demonstrated considerable speed with his weapon, managing to spot and intercept incoming projectiles with it, and managed to catch a stabbing attack from Akame, formerly the Empire's most accomplished assassin, with his hand.

Imperial Arms ~ "Purgatory's Invitation" Rubicante

Bols' Imperial Arms is a flamethrower composed of two parts, a gigantic canister carried on the user's back, and an oddly-shaped gun. The gun portion is relatively flat and sports eyes near the base of the barrel. Rubicante, like any flamethrower, projects a stream of fire from its barrel. However, the range and heat of the flame are beyond that of a normal flamethrower, as it is capable of completely disintegrating projectiles mid-air and its flames can't be doused by water, burning away whatever they touch until they're dead.

The Imperial Arms' additional ability is called "Magma Drive", where the gun fires a ball of fire rather than a stream, allowing it to hit more distant targets. The canister also has a self-destruct function that the user can engage in dire circumstances, resulting in a massive explosion.