Bluebell character profile
Bluebell Bloch
Kanji ブルーベル ブロック
Rōmaji Burūberu Burokku
Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliations Park Ranger
Manga Shaman King Volume X: Chapter X

Bluebell Bloch is a normal park ranger in the Shaman King series.


She is the park ranger of Lucky Mountains who use this job to protect her bear, Apollo. She witnesses Horohoro's passionate struggle and his Ainu cultural lesson during volume 11.


Bluebell Bloch, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create her.

Story Arc

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch Tribe's Test)

Bluebell Bloch wakes Horohoro who is unconscious for three days. She serves him soup, but when Horohoro tries to leave, she whips out her rifle and shoots him. She explains that a dangerous bear named Apollo roams in the area. She does not anyone to get in trouble with the bear because she does not want to kill Apollo due to her park ranger's duties. After Horohoro hears Bluebell's childhood story, the two goes to bed. Yet, Horohoro sneaks out to meet her bear, Apollo. Bluebell rushes and hits Horohoro with her jeep. After listening to Horohoro's background about shamans are the link between nature and humans, she lets Horohoro talk to Apollo. Bluebell realizes human scent has made Apollo an outcast when Horohoro tells why Apollo does not get along with humans and bears. Apollo bitch slap Horohoro, but Horohoro finally has Apollo calm down. As she watches Horohoro pour sake for Apollo, poachers shot and kill Apollo.

Horohoro goes into a rage and beats up the poachers, and Bluebell sees how determined he is. After the poachers are captured, Bluebell reassures Horohoro that he has done a good job and his dream to create a field of butterbur will come true.

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