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Bathing Scene
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Bathing Scene is a trope. While occasionally meaningful to plot or character development, Bathing Scenes are generally excuses for fan service.


Bathing is the act of cleaning the body and/or immersing oneself in a body of liquid. The purpose of bathing ranges from personal hygiene to relaxation and is almost always done in the nude. In some cultures, like the Japanese, bathing can also be considered a social activity as it is socially acceptable to bathe with family members or friends, or even at a public bath.

The process of bathing also differs between cultures. In Western cultures, many people wash and clean themselves in the bathwater that is only used for one person and drained right after. In Japanese culture, the entire family shares the same bathwater and it remains clean because everyone washes themselves outside of the bathtub first and then gets in the tub only for the purpose of relaxing. Of course, other forms of bathing remains the same everywhere, such as showering.

Anime & Manga

Since bathing is a more prominent activity in everyday life in Japan, many anime series may have at least one scene where a character or many characters bathe to relax and wash their worries away. Many different cliched scenarios come from characters at a bath ranging from serious conversations between characters to humorous antics involving the nude characters being peeked at by members of the opposite sex. Over the decades bathing scenes have become an anime staple and most Ecchi series of today have a "fan service episode" featuring most of the cast at some form of Public Bath or Hot Spring.

Notable Examples

  • Dragon Ball features several bathing scenes. In at least one instance a bathing scene helped reveal important information; when Bulma gives Goku a wash in the tub, she realizes his tail is real rather than an accessory. Usually though, the bathing scenes simply feature Bulma for the sake of fan service.

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