Ayase Aragaki (School Uniform)
Ayase Aragaki
Kanji 新垣 あやせ
Rōmaji Aragaki Ayase
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 166 cm
Weight 44 kg
Measurements 80/56/83
Hair Color Black
Occupations Student
Part-time fashion model
Light Novel Oreimo Volume #2: Chapter 1
Manga Oreimo Volume #2: Chapter 4
Anime Oreimo Episode 2
Japanese Saori Hayami

Ayase is Kirino's best friend and fellow model, she has a strong dislike of Kirino's hobby.


Ayase Aragaki was a young girl who aspired to be a model when she first met Kirino. She loved Kirino who was like her idol in her eyes.

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