Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki
Kanji 結城 明日奈
Rōmaji Yūki Asuna
Aliases Titania
Race Human
Undine and Sylph (ALFheim Online)
Gender Female
Birthday September 30, 2007
Height 168 cm
Weight 55 kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Affiliations Knights of the Blood Oath (Former)
Romantic Partners Kazuto Kirigaya (Boyfriend)
Relatives Yuuki Shouzou (Father)
Yuuki Kyouko (Mother)
Yuuki Kouichirou (Brother)
Yui (In-Game Daughter)
Light Novel Sword Art Online Volume 1, Chapter 5
Manga Progressive Manga Chapter 1
Anime Sword Art Online Episode #1
Japanese Tomatsu Haruka
English Cherami Leigh

Asuna is a young girl who is skilled with the sword, and she is Kirito's 2nd partner in Sword Art Online.


Asuna is created by Reiki Kawahara as the main character in Sword Art Online that is based on the light novel. She first appears in Sword Art Online episode 1, The World of Swords, as a cameo. She makes her official debut in episode 2. She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.



Asuna is a young, pretty woman with brown eyes and chestnut color hair that extends past her nape and shoulders. Due to being a member of the Knights of the Blood Oath, she usually wears her white and black armor.


At first, she is a bit reclusive, but when she became the Vice Commander of her guild, she is very authoritative. She dislikes people who take it easy, such as Kirito.


  • Kirito - According to Egil, she and Kirito often argue over strategy. They first met as partners, but Kirito leaves the party after the first floor's boss incident. After Asuna saves Kirito from Kuradeel, Kirito kisses Asuna, and when Kirito asks her to marry him, Asuna agrees. The two get married, and their relationship got stronger when Yui comes into their lives as their adopted daughter.
  • Lisbeth - She and Lisbeth are close friends, and Asuna will often visit Lisbeth's blacksmith shop to talk with her or to maintain her weapons.
  • Yui - An NPC Asuna and Kirito meet while in Sword Art Online who becomes their adopted daughter. As the series progressed, Kirito develops a wearable device that serves as Yui's eyes and ears to enable her to interact with others IRL.

Story Arcs

She first appears as a cameo in the crowd when Akihiko Kayaba debriefs to the online players about the fate. During Diabel's meeting, Asuna appears in a cloak, and she gets asked by Kirito to be her partner for the boss fight. That night, she meets Kirito who gives her food, and before the boss fight, she learns about Kirito's strategy that involves switching with a partner when combating an enemy. In the boss fight, Kirito and Asuna hold their own, and after Diabel is slain, they manage to defeat the boss together. When Kibaou calls for the beta players to show themselves, Asuna and Egil are concerned until Kirito steps in and accepts the blame. Asuna asks Kirito to stay and to tell her his name. Upon learning Kirito's name, Asuna finds her party terminated by Kirito.

Months later, Asuna is now the vice commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath, and she has a lot of power and influence over her guild and others when they hold meetings. Kirito objects to Asuna's plans of using the NPCs as shields against the boss.

Powers and Abilities

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