Anna Kyoyama (character) main image
Anna Kyōyama
Kanji 恐山 アンナ
Rōmaji Kyōyama Anna
Aliases Anna Kyouyama
Anna Kyoyama
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Romantic Partners Yoh Asakura (Husband)
Relatives Hana Asakura (Son)
Manga Shaman King Volume #2 : Chapter #9
Anime Shaman King Episode 4
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Tara Jayne

Yoh's loving, though undeniably strict fiancee, Anna Kyouyama is an itako with the ability to summon spirits from the dead and read minds. Her goal is to make Yoh the Shaman King, so she can live happily by his side as the Shaman First Lady.


[1]Anna Kyouyama, Yoh's wife-to-be and personal trainer.Anna was born with the shamanic abilities to read minds, along with powerful itako strengths. Abandoned by her immediate family, Anna was left at Mt. Osore alone. Soon enough, she was taken in by Yoh Asakura's grandmother, Kino Asakura, who trained her in the art of the itako. Anna grew to be a distant person, severing her optimism behind a cold and angry grudge against the world. Due to her strengths as an itako, Anna was chosen to be Yoh's wife and trainer.

Anna met Yoh when she and Yoh were 10 years old. Yoh was visiting his grandmother in Mt. Osore, when he unknowingly encountered his fiancée, along with an oni demon. It turns out that Anna's negative emotions manifested into a demonic and destructive form. Anna unknowingly subdues the demon to protect Yoh, and reluctantly travels to Yoh's grandmother's home with Yoh. After hearing Yoh's thoughts, Anna locks herself in her room. From the other side of the door, Yoh requests that they travel to the temple together. Yoh also promises to help Anna control her power, whether through their temple wish or by becoming Shaman King for her.


[2]Itako no AnnaAnna Kyouyama, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspired the author to create her. It's assumed that Hiroyuki Takei based Anna's character off of his one shot story's character: Itako no Anna. She first appears in Shaman King volume 2 and episode 5 (Cameo in episode 4). Her Japanese actress is Megumi Hayashibara, and her English actress is Tara Jayne.

International Voices

  • Brazil - Letícia Quinto
  • Germany - Beate Pfeiffer
  • Italy - Emanuela Pacotto

Character Evolution

"I'm a bad person. I will never forget. I will always hate the world! But...There's something stronger than hate. I love someone. And you, Giant Demon, will be snuffed off."

Young Anna Kyoyama in flashback - Vol. 20 - to Giant Demon and Yoh Asakura The most change that Anna faces is in her flashbacks when she meets Yoh and when she witness's Yoh's battle with the Giant Demon who was the manifestation of Anna's bad emotions. After Yoh (with help from Matamune's mana) saves Anna, Anna's heart open up more and she has feelings for Yoh. She decides to train herself to be the best Itako, so she can help Yoh to reach their dream of getting the easy life. Also, she wants to be the Shaman Queen as her first intentions in the series.

Besides the flashback, Anna does not change because her role in Shaman King is limited to Yoh's coach and trainer.

Appearance and Personality

Anna is a thin girl, with dark-blonde hair. She is best known wearing a black dress, along with a red scarf around her head and sandals. Later in the anime, she wears her scarf around her neck instead of her head. She is also known to wear sunglasses. As a child, she wears her kimono.

Anna is a serious and devoted girl, in complete contrast to many other female anime characters. Strong-willed and powerful, Anna seems to treat everyone the same way...badly. However, she respects Yoh and his choice in friends, mostly because they will help Yoh achieve his goal of being Shaman King. She isn't afraid of making Yoh and his friends work hard, both as shamans and housekeepers.

Story Arcs

Note: All information in the Story Arcs are manga only. See anime under "anime and manga differences sections.

Introduction and the Preliminaries in Tokyo

Anna reappears in at Yoh's home in Funbari as Yoh's trainer for the coming Shaman Fight, while also attending school with Yoh and Manta Oyamada. She creates a strict training regiment to prepare Yoh, though many of her techniques can be considered "torture." In the first preliminary match, Anna witness Yoh's first victory over Horohoro, an Ainu Shaman from Hokkaido. Although Yoh won, Anna is still strict on Yoh due to his forgetfulness of their goal for Shaman King. Specifically, Yoh states to Horohoro that he will make dream of creating a field of butterbur come true which makes Anna mad. In the second preliminary match, Anna and Silva have a lunch and a conversation about Faust the VIII. When Silva tells Anna to make Yoh forfeit due to Faust's unpredictable behavior (Faust kills a shaman during his first match), Anna replies that she loves Yoh and believe in his ability to become Shaman King. However, Faust's strategy has Yoh in the corner and Faust successively defeat him due to Yoh's oversoul that has shattered. Anna tries to save Yoh from being kill by Faust who is angry when Yoh calls Eliza a doll, but Ren defeats Faust after overwhelming Faust's oversoul with his oversoul.After Yoh's first defeat, Anna stands by Yoh's decision to sever his friendship with Manta. The reasons are that Manta's endangerment causes Yoh to fail. Before Yoh's match with Faust begins, Faust has Manta's body cavity open which enrages Yoh to waste his mana carelessly. When Manta runs from Yoh in tears, Anna comments that she has never seen how cruel Yoh is. Back in Izumo, Yoh has accept Yohmei's training, and he undergoes a journey in the tunnels of Yomi. After Ryu and Manta arrive in Izumo, Anna and Amidamaru stops Tamao Tamamura from killing Manta and Ryu. Anna stomps on Ponchi to make the two confess their wrongdoings. Anna has everyone spend the night in the Asakura family's home. On the next day, Ponchi and Conchi informs everyone that Yoh is coming home. When Yoh is still the same lazy slouch and asks Tamao if he can taste her home cook meals, Anna beats up Yoh. [3]Yoh and Anna's "special night"Yoh and Ren fight (for the second time) in their third and last preliminary match for the tournament. Anna stays home with Tamao and reassures her that Yoh will win, and the women should stay home. After Yoh and Ren have a draw and are qualified for the tournament, Anna spends her night with the Horohoro, Pirika Usui, Ren, Manta, and Yoh with their respective spirits. Anna and the two girls spend quality time in the baths while the Yoh and boys harass Ren in the bath next door. However, the good times come to an end when Ren leaves for China. Suddenly, Bason comes to Yoh's home to beg for Yoh's help on the following day. Bason explains that Ren and Jun are held captive by Tao Yuan, and Anna will not allow Yoh to assist the enemy but let them go. After Yoh and his friends, Manta, Ryu, and Horohoro, come back from China, Yoh and Anna spend the night alone. Anna scolds Yoh for not saying good night to her because it is Yoh's last night before he leaves for America. Anna's face reveals that she is sad and lonely because Yoh is going to be away for three months. After Anna throws the uniform that she made for Yoh and the package on Yoh's bed, she asks Yoh, "Can I sleep besides you?" (from the official dub volume) Note: This is an implied sex scene and the first one in the Shaman King series.

Journey to America for a Period of 3 months (Patch's test)

[4]Anna explains why Yoh should get stronger.Once Yoh departs for Patch Village, Anna learns of the Asakura family's connection to the shaman, Hao, from Yohmei Asakura and rushes to assist Yoh in Patch Village, but not before obtaining the power of the 1080 Beads, a set of beads forged from the 1080 souls of the Asakura bloodline. (In the manga, the 1080 Beads are forged from the dead oni that formed from her emotions.) With Manta's help, she arrives to the entrance of the Patch Village with Manta, Tamurazaki, and Tamao. Suddenly, she encounters Hao Asakura and Opacho. When Hao asks her to deliver the book, Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, to Yoh, Anna says she will not do what he says. When Hao gets closer to her and insists that she is helping Yoh which is the same as helping him, Anna tries to slap Hao with her right hand, but Hao grabs her hand. Hao pushes Anna to the wall while Hao remarks on how ideal she is to be the queen of the future shaman king. Immediately, Anna slaps Hao with her left (Phantom left). Anna quickly tells Manta and Tamao to go to the Patch village. With Mikihisa's help, Anna arrives to the Patch village. Anna meets Yoh for the first time in three months at Kalim's shop. After Yoh wants Anna to pay full price for the Silver Patch Man skeleton, Anna solemnly tells Yoh to get stronger or someone will have her. When Anna and Yoh hear Chocolove's information about making a three man team for the tournament back in Tokyo, Anna and Yoh make some decision. As soon as Yoh and Anna sees Manta sitting on Faust's lap, Faust asks Yoh if he can join his team and Ryu rejects his offer. Even though Ryu is still looking for Lyserg, Anna and Manta agree on recruiting Faust at the diner. Manta comments on Faust's good heart despite his obsessions while Anna comments on how valuable to have a doctor on the team. She recruits Faust the VIII by promising him that she can perfect his necromantic powers.

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

At Yoh's side, she continues to prepare Yoh for battles, and decides the name of Yoh's shaman team, Funbari Hot Springs.

Flashbacks (Vol. 20)

At the temple, Anna's emotions manifest into a stronger demon, this one capturing Anna and running off. Yoh gains spiritual guidance and assistance from Matamune, a cat spirit of the Asakura family. Anna, near-exhausted from the demon's furyoku demand, falls into a quiet trance. Yoh merges with Matamune, forming a giant sword oversoul, and attacks the demon. After realizing Yoh's courage and protective attitude, she was able to subdue the oni that appeared from her spirit, leaving Yoh the opportune time to finish it off with spiritual power from Matamune. Yoh departs from Mt. Osore, but not after receiving a loving (though painful) farewell from Anna.

Invading the Plants (Second Part of the Tournament)

When Hao reaches the sacred ground of the Great Spirit, Yoh's soul is absorbed by Hao. Anna, in complete shock, rushes to find Yoh's lifeless body. Terribly upset, Anna wears Yoh's headphones in memorium. As Yoh's friends attack Hao's Spirit of Fire, Anna casts the 1080 Binding Spell, only to have Hao escape. With little hope remaining, Yoh escapes from Hao's soul, with Anna returning Yoh's headphones to him.

Aftermath of Hao's battle and Time Skip (Manga only)

After Hao's defeat, Anna lets Yoh relax a while, even cooking his meals and lightening his punishments.

Time Skip (Manga Only)

Yoh and Anna bear a child named Hana, who is the main character of Funbari no Uta.

Relationship with Yoh

[5]Yoh and AnnaAnna's initial attitude towards Yoh was captivating to her. She began to love Yoh immediately after meeting him, but kept distant from him in an effort to protect him from her misguided powers, which she said "will only bring [him] grief." When she and Yoh travel to Kino's home, she hears Yoh's thoughts, blushing and slapping Yoh afterward. However, after the oni was destroyed by her, Yoh, and Matamune, she resisted her grudge and was able to approach Yoh lovingly.

Despite her harsh efforts in Yoh's training, Anna loves Yoh very much, and wants him to achieve his goal to live happily. She wants to live alongside Yoh as the Shaman First Lady, and aims to make Yoh a powerful shaman to do so. In the manga, she tells multiple characters of her love for Yoh, only to recieve shocked replies. When Yoh allows Tokagero to possess his body, she begins to cry, frightened that Yoh could die from his decision. She also becomes jealous when Yoh returns from his battle with Silva, mistaking Yoh's Oracle Bell as a woman's pager.

In the anime, Anna's relations with Yoh are less obvious, but she constantly worries for him during each of his dangerous encounters. When Hao absorbs Yoh's soul, Anna began to emotionally break down, putting all of her effort into the 1080-bead sealing spell, only to have it fail. Once Yoh returns, Anna is the last one to offer her furyoku to Yoh so that he creates the Perfect Oversoul Amidamaru.

See episode 15. In the scene with Silva (before Faust's preliminary match with Yoh, Anna says she loves Yoh and believes in him. However, in the anime version of this scene with Silva, Anna replies that she has faith in Yoh or (dub) it is Yoh's destiny.

Oversoul and Spirit Mediums

[6]Anna's Shikigami/ OgresAnna, who is an itako, did not have an oversoul, but she has her 1080 beads for her spirit medium. She uses the 1080 beads to integrate spirits into humans. For example, she integrates Sha Wen into Yoh during Yoh's fight with Pailong. Also, she can use the 1080 beads to exorcise spirits out of humans as well. Only after she has subdued Hao's shikigamis, she has Kouki and Zenki (shikigamis, ogres, or demons) as her spirit allies.


Spirit Summoning

Anna possesses the ability to summon spirits, even after they pass onto the afterlife. She uses this to integrate Yoh with Master Shaolin when fighting Lee Pailong, and to summon Mosuke when Harusame shattered.

Shikigami Control

Anna uses her powerful itako abilities and the 1080 Beads to gain control over Hao's Shikigami, Zenki and Kouki, which she uses throughout the anime as her guardians.

Mind Reading

As a child, Anna possesses the ability to read minds, though uncontrollably. After Yoh and Matamune defeat the oni demon, Anna's power is subdued and she does not rely on it. In the English dub, Anna's mind reading power is still in full effect.

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