Angel Beats! Heavens Door

Angel Beats! Heavens Door
Volume 1
General Information

The story of this manga is about the events that happened before the anime. Written by Jun Maeda and Key and illustrated by Yuriko Asami, the manga adaptation ran in the Dengeki G's Magazine.

Plot: The manga shows how Yuri founded the Afterlife Battlefront and how she recruited the members.

Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door manga ends in the December 2016 issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Comic magazine and its 11th volume will ship on December 17. [1]

List of Volumes

# Placeholder Volume Title Release Date
1 Volume 1 Volume 1

18 Dec 2010
2 Angel Beats Volume 2 Volume 2

27 Jul 2011
3 Angel Beats Volume 3 Volume 3

27 Feb 2012
4 Angel Beats Volume 4 Volume 4

27 Aug 2012
5 Angel Beats Volume 5 Volume 5

27 Apr 2013
6 Angel Beats Volume 6 Volume 6

27 Nov 2013
7 Angel Beats Volume 7 Volume 7

27 Jun 2014
8 Angel Beats Volume 8 Volume 8

27 Feb 2015


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