Android 17 (character) main image
Android 17
Kanji 人造人間17号
Rōmaji Jinzōningen Jū Nana-Gō
Aliases Lapis (ラピス)
KI-17 (Lithuanian dub)
Race Human, Android
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Occupations Park Ranger
Affiliations Red Ribbon Army (Former)
Relatives Dr. Gero (Creator)
Android 18
Future Android 17
Krillin (brother-in-law)
Marron (niece)
Manga Volume 29: Chapter 349
Anime Dragon Ball Z Episode 132 (Cameo)
Dragon Ball Z Episode 133
Japanese Shigeru Nakahara
English Ocean Dub: Ted Cole (DBZ), Ethan Cole (DBGT)
FUNimation dub: Chuck Huber

Android 17 is the twin brother of Android 18 and one of the two cyborgs that Doctor Gero created by combining a human being with advanced cybernetics.


Android 17 and his sister, Android 18, were formally human beings before Dr. Gero converted them into cyborgs. Not much is known about Android 17's past. There are controversy with Android 17's past due to different dubs' interpretations.


Even though he has killed Dr. Gero, he, 18, and 16 follow their directive to kill Goku (for 17, entertainment). After the Cell saga has ended, he wanders the world. He has brief cameos during the rest of the Dragon Ball Z series.


Android 17, who is created by Akira Toriyama, has no information on what inspires the manga artist to create him. His Japanese voice actor is Shigeru Nakahara, his Funimation English actor is Chuck Huber, and his Ocean Dub English actor is Ted Cole. (However, in Dragon Ball GT, the Ocean Dub English actor is Ethan Cole.)

For international:

  • his French voice actor is Thierry Bourbon
  • his Spanish voice actor is Genaro Vasquez
  • his Spain voice actor is Enrique Rodriguez
  • his Catalan dub actor is Joaquim Sota,
  • his Korean voice actor is Choi Munja and then Kim Yeongseon
  • his Valenician dub actor is Julia Sorli

He first appears in Dragon Ball Z episode 133 and volume 13: chapter 349 "The Androids Awaken". His first movie (cameo) is in Dragon Ball Z movie 7: Super Android 13.


"Now I know soon we have the whole world as our playground. Just the three of us doing anything we want." [1]

Android 17 does not change much in Dragon Ball Z anime or manga due to his limited appearances after the Cell Saga has ended.


Like his sister, he has black shoulder length hair. He wears an orange hankerchief, a black shirt over a long sleeve white shirt, blue denim pant, green socks, and blue and white shoes.

In Dragon Ball GT, he wears a blue coat and white gloves. For his counterpart, he wears a brown coat.


He is a rebellious and thrill seeking man. According to Android 18, he is child who breaks things. He enjoys driving cars and having fun with his sister. (See History of Trunks where he enjoys himself with 17 in an amusement park)

Future Android 17's Personality

He is more cold blooded and blood thirsty as he and his sister destroy cities and human lives for the fun of it. He looks down on humans and saiyans especially in the movie, "The History of Trunks." In that movie, he immediately kills a tailor who compliments his sister's looks. Yet, 18 tells him that act of his was cruel. It is too late to apologize for 17's actions. Also, he toys with an old man who was looking for revenge. He tells the old man to have a gun fight with him.


Android 18: He and his sister share a close relationship together. He has never attack his sister until Dragon Ball GT. Despite their arguments, he is the leader of the two since he has his sister and 16 take the long way to Goku and Chi Chi's home instead of flying.

Story Arcs

Android Arc

After Vegeta has killed Android 19 and Dr. Gero flees to his lab, he and his sister are awaken by Dr. Gero. He kills Dr. Gero by kicking the doctor's head off of his body. In front of Krillin and the others, he squishes the doctor's head to pieces. Against Dr. Gero's wishes, he and 18 awaken 16 due to curiosity. After 17, 18, and 16 decides to kill Goku (due to 16's directive and 17's entertainment reasons), 17 and 18 fights Vegeta and the others. 17 beats Tien while 18 defeats Vegeta and Trunks. 17 and 18 spare Krillin and tell him to heal everyone. 17 watches his sister give Krillin a smooch on the cheek. 17 and his companions leave the scene to pursue Goku. Upon arriving at Goku's home, 17 and the gang do not find anyone.

At some point, 17 and the others are on an island where Piccolo finds them before Cell does. He fights with Piccolo who has great strength (since he fused with Kami). 17 asks Piccolo where Goku is, but Piccolo just strips off his weighted clothes. As 17 watches Piccolo strips, 17 tells Piccolo that he underestimating him and that he cannot win. 17 tells Piccolo to get it on, and Piccolo tells 17 to keep his friends out of it. 17 agrees with Piccolo. Piccolo powers up while 17 does not take any notice. When 16 tells 17 that he senses two powers, Piccolo immediately pummels 17. Even though 17 gets caught off guard, he punches Piccolo into the cliff. The two head up to the sky for the battle. As they parry and punch, they go back and forth from land to earth. Suddenly, Piccolo disappears and kicks 17 down.

As Piccolo stares at 17's body on the ground, 17 asks why Piccolo can beat him. Piccolo charges up his blast at 17. A blinding light takes over the island. Among the rubble, 17, in the sky, stare at Piccolo who is on the island. 17 charges down, and the two start to fight again. Then Piccolo fires his scatter shot, but it misses 17. Piccolo sends a barrage of energy blasts at 17, yet 17 dodges every blast. Piccolo utters a Namekian word and blasts 17 with a final blast. However, 17 deflects his blast. 17 comments on Piccolo's light show. The two crash each other over the ocean. After the shock wave has ended, 18 tells 17 to end this fight quickly. 17 replies that he just having fun; he tells Piccolo that he love to fight, but he says that he will end this. When Piccolo shoots a barrage of energy blasts, 17 thinks he is predictable and dodges them all. For an instance, 17 notices Piccolo is not even trying to hit him; as he looks back, he sees many energy balls surrounding him. Piccolo smirks and executes his technique. The energy balls start to bombard 17.

In the smokes, 17 emerges with a barrier. Piccolo stares in disbelief. 17 tells Piccolo to give it up, and he informs him to take their battle at another island. At an another island, 17 explains that their mission is to kill Goku which has nothing to do with Piccolo. 17 tries to persuade Piccolo to tell him where Goku is and leave alive. Yet, Piccolo insists on fighting. 17 gets close to Piccolo with a karate pose. Dead air surrounds them as they continue to stare at each other. 17 strikes the first blow then the second. 17 dodges Piccolo's punches, and Piccolo jumps back to crack his neck. Piccolo comments on 17's speed and tells 17's punches is weaker than Goku's. That insult makes 17 get angry. 17 responds that he is stronger than any mortal. He charges at Piccolo and the battle continue with the two exchanging blows. 18 gives 17 advice about not underestimating Piccolo.

17 smacks Piccolo then Piccolo smacks him down into the ground. 17 and Piccolo exchange blows without dodging each other, and the island starts to crack. The volcano on the island erupts while 18 comments on that men always end up destroying everything. Piccolo shoots blast from his mouth at 17 which 17 blocks. 17 gets knock by Piccolo into the water. 17 thinks why Piccolo is strong and calms down as Piccolo approaches him. 17 heats up the ocean and sends a massive wave of heated water at Piccolo. After Piccolo blasts 17's move, 17 and Piccolo starts fighting in the air again towards another island. 17 sends Piccolo into a cliff and blasts him with an attack. Then Piccolo does the same thing to him. Somehow, 17 bursts out of earth to attack Piccolo. 17 and Piccolo start grabbing each other and throwing each other at the ground like rag dolls. 17 and Piccolo start to exchange blows again without dodging. Piccolo calls 17 a prototype android, and 17 tells Piccolo that he is getting worn down while he has his stamina.

It appears 17 and Piccolo's powers are on par with each other. However, his fight with Piccolo ends when Cell enters the fray. Piccolo saves 17 from being absorbed by Cell, but he gets knocked out by Cell. 16 fights Cell which has 17 watching the battle. After 16 blasted Cell into the ground leaving a crater, 17, who still remains on the island despite 16's warnings, gets attack by Cell. Cell absorbs 17 effortlessly and becomes semi perfect cell.

Perfect Cell starts a tournament to test his powers. After Gohan kills Perfect Cell, 17 dies along with him since he still remains in Cell's body. However, #17 got revived with all the other people right after the Cell Games.

Majin Buu Arc

He appears after Goku calls everyone on Earth to give their energy for the spirit bomb. It is implied that Android 17 died when Majin Buu destroys the Earth or wipes out the human race with his attacks.

Dragon Ball GT (Super 17 Arc)

17, who is brainwashed by Hell Fighter 17, asks 18 to join him. When 17 kills Krillin and hurt Marron, 18 fights 17 back. 17 and Hell Fighter 17 fuse to become Super 17. During the battle with Super 17, 17 regains control of Super 17 and makes him absorb 18's attacks. This leaves Super 17 vulnerable to Goku's Dragon Fist attack. As a result, Super 17 dies along with 17 and his counterpart.

Powers and Abilities

Like his fellow androids, 17 has a wide array of attacks and his mechanical body allows his energy to go undetected by the Z warriors.

For combo attacks, he and his sister, 18, perform various attacks (mostly in the movie). He and 18 can go fast to create illusions, and they can create a firestorm of energy blasts on their enemies.

Other Media

Android 17 has appeared in 28 games.

Arcade games

  • Data Carddass Dragon Ball Z
  • Data Carddass Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Dragon Ball Z: Barkuretsu Impact

Game Boy

  • Dragonball GT: Transformation 2

Nintendo DS

  • Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden
  • Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

Playstation 2

  • Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
  • Super Dragon Ball Z

Wii and Playstation 2

  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2


  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2


  1. 17 - Last words before Cell absorbs him (Funimation dub: Episode 152)

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