Akari Acura main image
Akari Acura
Kanji アカリ・アキュラ
Rōmaji Akari Akyura
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Toru Acura (Adopted Brother)
Light Novel Chaika - The Coffin Princess Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode #1
Japanese Yuuko Hara
English Joanne Bonasso

Akari Acura is a saboteur who works with her brother, Toru.


Akari Acura is created by Ichirō Sakaki and originally designed by Namaniku ATK. She has no current information from her creators regarding any inspirations used in her character design.



Akari is a young, beautiful woman with green hair and blue eyes. Her hair is styled with two side bangs out front that reaches to her collarbone. She has a tuft of hair on forehead. She ties her long hair with a ponytail. She wears pink armbands and a white and black attire with a yellow, white, and black collar that is attached to the top layer of her outfit. She has a pink skirt with only front and back flaps, pink thigh straps, and white, knee high boots.


Akari seems to adopt the older sister or motherly mentality as she is seen caring for both Chaika and Toru and gathering food. See relationships below that demonstrate her sisterly love.


  • Toru Acura - She is hard on her brother when she finds him lazing around after she work hard to earn money. Despite being hard on her brother, she's loyal and will stay with Toru to the end of her life even though Toru advise her to stay behind and taking on Chaika's mission alone.
  • Chaika Travant - The two work well together during the operations. Akari would treat Chaika like a little sister as seen as how she would wash Chaika's back or retrieve Chaika's butterfly pin during the Red and White Chaika incident. It's interesting to note that she expresses jealously when Toru seem to favor Chaika more.

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