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DVDs & Blu-Rays

# Placeholder Volume Title Release Date
1 Actually, I Am BD Vol 1 Volume 1

September 16, 2015 [1]

CD Albums

Theme Songs



Character Songs

The franchise has released character song collections about 3 so far. [2]

# Placeholder Volume Title Release Date
1 Actually I Am CD Cover 01
Characters: Yōko Shiragami, Nagisa Aizawa, Mikan Akemi, Shiho Shishido

実は私は I am・・・ キャラクターソング vol.1
July 22, 2015 [3]
2 Actually I Am CD Cover 02 ?
Character: Nagisa Aizawa and Mikan Akemi

実は私は I am・・・ キャラクターソング vol.2
August 12, 2015 [4]
3 Actually I Am CD Cover 03 ?
Character: Akari Kōmoto and Akane Kōmoto

実は私は I am・・・ キャラクターソング vol.3
September 9, 2015 [5]


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