This wiki page will be used by other wiki editors to fill out creation sections of characters or inspiration notes on the concepts in the franchise.

Note: I will not copy down the article from ANN. Rather, we just paraphrase.

Interview from ANN by Zac Bertschy.

Guest Speakers: Toshiya Shinohara.

  • The setting for the underwater town of Shioshishio is based on a fairy tail world in order to make it feel fantastical for viewers.
  • Nagi no Asukara had a vague direction rather than a planned ending. The vague direction was to solve the interpersonal issues of the characters. The ending changes as the characters started to stand out.
  • In regards to the timeskip, the staff had a hard time figure out what sort of major event to develop the story into 2 parts, 2 seasons for the serise. Ms. Mari Okada (of series composition) suggested a time skip. Intially, it was 15 years for the time skip. The challenges of doing a timeskip requires a lot of the setting to change.

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