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3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends

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3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends
One Piece 3D2Y
Kanji 〝3D2Y〟 エースの死を越えて! ルフィ仲間との誓い
Romaji Surī-Dī Tsū-Wai: Ēsu no Shi o Koete! Rufi Nakama to no Chikai
Directed By Naoyuki Itou
Screenplay By Hirohiko Kamisaka
Tomohiro Nakayama
Hitoshi Tanaka
Music By Kouhei Tanaka
Shiroh Hamaguchi

Toei Animation





Release Date

August 30, 2014

A TV special that shows more of Luffy's training during the timeskip and features a new villain, Byrnndi World "The Destroyer of the World".


Based on Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga series, the 2 hour TV special features events after Marineford Arc where Luffy's training is revealed as well as a showdown between Luffy and a new villain, Byrndi World. This special commemorates the 15th anniversary of One Piece. Oda also promises fan a must-see surprising ending in this TV special.


  • Crunchyroll - It streams on August 30, 2014, and its territories are USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America in English, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • FUNimation - Streams at 12:00 a.m. EDT on Sunday, August 31, 2014.
  • HULU

Theme Songs

  • ED: "Next Stage" by AAA

Plot Summary

Luffy and Ace's past as young children flashes by as Luffy tries to save his brother from being executed during the battle on Marineford. Unfortunately, Luffy cannot save his brother as he was killed by Akainu. After waking from his dream, Luffy takes up Haki training with Rayleight at Luscaina. Later that night, Luffy recalls Jinbei's words which reminds him that he still has his friends. The next day, Luffy undergoes another day of training by fighting beasts. When Luffy confronts a Toughness Rabbit, the rabbit smacks Luffy with its ears before running away. Rayleigh notes that Luffy can use Armament Haki at 50% of the time.

To take the training to the next level, Rayleigh has Luffy wear a blindfold to hone Luffy's Observation Haki. Out at sea, Byrnndi World's crew attack three naval warships and liner. Upset at how his men are taking too long to sink the ships, Byrndi World orders Nightin, Gairam, and Sebastian to sink the boats in 1 minute or less. Nightin and Gairam ride on Sebastian's back towards the ships while dodging cannon balls easily. After Byrnndi World's top trio has wreck some ships, Byrnndi World decides to jump in the fray. He states with confidence that he can take down the ships in 50 seconds. After taking a pistol and using his More More Devil Fruit powers to increase the size and speed of the bullets, he shoots down two naval war ships. Stealing a naval officer's scythe, World increases the scythe's size by a hundred fold.

The men that Byojack had gathered are stunned at World and his trio's powers. When World tells them to carry out tasks within a time limit, some of the men run away. World kills them and explains that anyone leaves will be killed. At Kuja Castle, Boa is concerned over Luffy and paces while thinking up winter clothing and food to prepare for Luffy. Granny Nyon scolds Boa for spoiling Luffy and told her to stop distracting Luffy from his training. Boa steps on Granny Nyon and suggests Enishida some more items. Then, a Carrier Bat arrives with a message on a summon for all Warlords. Out in sea, World tests out the new cannon which levels an island. Gairam and Nightin states that they put all of their efforts to build this magnificent ship. World thanks his three for doing this for the past 30 years. He notes that they can wipe out Holy Land Marie Jois with his More More Devil Fruit powers and the cannon. Byojack warns World that the World Government had summon the Warlords. When he notes that the Warlords were summon this morning, World decides to find the closest Warlord to their position.

In the jungles of Luscaina, Luffy finishes his meal with Rayleigh and then go out to see out the ape, lion, and crocodile while blindfolded. Picking the aroma of delicious food, Luffy happily eats at the cliff bordering the sea. Nearby, Boa's Amazon warriors report that Luffy had started feasting. Then, World arrives and attacks the Kuja Amazons and finds out that Boa isn't here. Marigold tries to fight back, but she gets shot by World. World manages to kidnap Sonia and Marigold. Luffy tries to stop World and accidentally imbues his fist with Armament Haki. Though his fist clashes with World's Armament Haki imbued face. With Luffy down, World instructs Boa that he will leave Vivre Card and tells her to track him down to rescue her beloved sisters. As day breaks, Luffy wakes up to find Rayleigh, Granny Nyon, and Boa by his side. Luffy urges Boa to take him with her to rescue her sisters. Rayleigh warns Luffy that he hasn't master Haki completely and that World is a difficult opponent. Boa begs Rayleigh to let Luffy go with her. Rayleigh tells them to be careful and avoid grabbing too much attention.

Over at G-1 Base, Kizaru reads the newspaper about World's crime spree. Tsuru arrives and justifies why they keep the Warlords close to them. To avoid having the Warlords ally with World. She explains that World has been feared as the Destroyer of the World by the World Government. Inside World's ship, Byojack argues that they build this ship to be free and not to take revenge. World insists on using their cannon to wipe out their enemies. As Boa arrives, World has his ship reemerged to the surface. He welcomes Boa and Luffy by revealing his hostages. Then, he attacks them with his cannons. Luffy tries protecting the ship from the cannons until World decides to blast Luffy himself. With Luffy down in the sea, Boa's companion snake dives in to help Luffy while Boa deals with World's men. Once Luffy is saved, Sebastian calls World and informs him that he will deal with the intruders.

Boa and Luffy are blasted by Sebastian's water shot. Luffy manages to grab a railing and saves Boa, too. Boa attempts to use her Kuja powers against Sebastian, but it proves worthless due to Sebastian being blind. Luffy knocks Sebastian with his Jet Pistol. Nearby, Buggy and his crew spots the fight. Mr. Three informs Buggy that Luffy and Boa are fighting on the ship. Buggy plans to steal the credit for himself. After Luffy gets hit by Sebastian's water attacks, Boa tries to kick Sebastian. Sebastian avoids it by turning invisible briefly. Luffy saves Boa, but the two get sent flying towards another part of the ship. As Sebastian tries to use Spin Tornado against Luffy, Luffy counters with Giant Pistol and defeats Sebastian. World decides to confront his enemies. Meanwhile, Perona arrives and decides make Sebastian her pet by subduing him with her negative hollow techniques. Luffy thanks Perona before he and Boa fall into a pit.

One Piece 3D2Y 30 Boa Hancock Thinks Luffy's Being Unfaithful

Boa feels Luffy is cheating on her

Deep in the pit, Boa asks Luffy who Perona was and thinks Luffy is cheating on her. Mr. Three suggest to Buggy that they have to leave traces of their work in order to get credit. Perona asks Mihawk on what's going on. Mihawk relies he has no idea. Deep beneath the ship, Boa and Luffy arrives into an open space. When Boa leaves the open space, a pillar shuts behind her. Luffy urges Boa to go on ahead while he deals with World. Byojack calls in and informs World not to underestimate Luffy, the grandson of Garp. When World rubs Luffy's failure of saving his brother, Luffy attacks in anger. World easily dodges and knocks Luffy into the armory. He hands Luffy some weapons which Luffy declines. Luffy goes into 2nd Gear and uses Jet Pistol with Haki. He barely scratches him. World notes that Luffy has master Haki yet and continues to call Luffy weak. He tosses some shuriken and increases their speed to pin Luffy to the ground after he pounds Luffy in the air and onto the ground.

After World has departed, Buggy decides to slap Luffy around to take him up. In World's past, Garp and Sengoku surround World's ship. A Cipher Pol gentlemen arrives and informs the two about his plan. On World's ship, the crew betrays World due to Cipher Pol promising them that they won't be charged if they did this. Cipher Pol has the navy fire on World during the distraction. Once World beats his crew, Cipher Pol engages World and defeats him easily due to World's injuries. Byojack orders Nightin, Gairam, and Sebastian to escape.

As Boa confronts Nightin, Nightin resorts to bitter herbs to avoid falling prey to Boa's Kuja powers. Nightin spits a poison mist to melt some of Boa's clothing since she believes Boa will have a hard time fighting. Then, she drinks a special medicine that restores her body to her youthful self. Boa jumps towards the 2nd floor and attempts to fire her Slave Arrow at Nightin. To block Boa's attack, Nightin resorts to Kampo Dome to negate it and uses her attack to block Boa's Pistol Kiss attacks. Despite her efforts to negate Boa's Kuja techniques, Nightin falls in love with Boa due to Boa's innate, seductive charms. When Nightin throws up and loses her youthful appearance, Boa finishes off Nightin by petrifying her.

Luffy wakes up and surprises Buggy as he answers World's question. Gairam uses Cube Break to shift the cubes to lure Luffy into his area. He uses Cube Booster to fire a barrage of cubes at Luffy which squishes Luffy into the wall. In the cube tunnels, Gairam fires cubes at Buggy and his crew. He unintentionally frees Luffy who was buried in the cubes. Buggy decides to take on Gairam and suggests to Luffy to go on ahead in order for him to look cool in front of his crew. Mr. Three tries to protect Buggy, but he gets knock down. Gairam chases Buggy into his area. He creates a giant cube tower after turning Chopper into a cube. Gairam swings his hammer as he makes his way to Buggy. When Buggy tries to get his body parts, Gairam steps on some of them. As Buggy tries to bluff Gairam and attempts to use Muggy Ball, Buggy steals his body parts. In the smoke explosion, Boa Hancock kicks Gairam, defeating him. She quickly leaves to aid Luffy. After the smoke clears, Buggy's crew except two believe Buggy had defeated Gairam. Mr. Three wonders how long Buggy can keep this up. World arrives to see all of his trio defeated.

One Piece 3D2Y Young World
Byojack apologizes to World and states that this is not what they wanted. In a flashback, young Byojack tells World to set out for an adventure. Despite Byojack's illness, World insists they do it together. Years later, they set out the world. When Byojack is kidnapped, World and his crew rescue Byojack. Some time later, World and his crew cross paths with the World Government which increases World's bounty. Byojack suggests they built a submarine, so they can avoid further unnecessary battles. World proposes having a large cannon to intimidate their enemies. World notes that he and the others had fooled him despite Byojack arguing it's a misunderstanding. He confronts Luffy in the spiky pit. World still has the upper hand on Luffy. Luffy tries grabbing World, but he ends up being thrown by World. Luffy tries using Giant Pistol but to avail. He keeps missing World with his Armament Haki imbued attacks. World punches Luffy and sends him flying to the spiked walls. World continues to insult Luffy on his failure to save his brother.

Meanwhile, Buggy and his crew arrive outside of the ship where they spot Akainu's fleet of Navy ships approaching Groseade. Akainu has his ships open fire on Groseade. When World states that he will use the cannon against the Navy, Byojack refuses because the impact will sink their ship. World tells Byojack that this ship and its crew are tools for him to carry out his purpose. Before World could harm Byojack, Luffy blocks the attack and punches World for treating his friends as tools. Boa arrives to save her sisters while Luffy takes on World. As Luffy gains his second wind and fight for his friends, he uses a brand new move, Red Hawk, that has Ace's flare. After World is defeated, Luffy rushes to escape the ship to keep his promise to Boa. Buggy and his crew swim to safety.

Bleeding heavily due to the spikes impaling his body, World manages to walk with difficulty towards the cannon. He tells Byojack that he won't be satisfied until he fires it at least once. He states that he cannot forget them betraying him. Akainu's attacks causes the cannon to dislodge. World shoots the cannon. Before it can hit the Navy ships, Mihawk slices the cannon ball in an instant. World collapses after being exhausted. Byojack remains by World's side as the ship sinks. Luffy manages to bounce back to Boa's ship.

After 2 years has passed, Luffy and his crew reunite at Sabaody Archipelago.

Points of Interest

  • This TV special runs briefly through each of the Straw Hat Pirates' pasts of joining Luffy's crew.
  • Surprise Ending: A young man is seen filling three Sake cups in front of Ace's grave. That man is Sabo who was announced dead in Luffy's past after young Sabo is shot down by a Celestial Dragon.

Moves This Episode

  • Akainu - Meteor Volcano
  • Luffy - Stamp Gatling, Giant Balloon, Pistol, Balloon, Jet Pistol, Giant Pistol, Gatling, Jet Gatling, Red Hawk
  • Mr. Three - Candle Wall
  • Nightin - Kampo Kempo: Antidote Granule, Fishwort Hell, Kampo Poison Mist, Secret Medicine Ginseng Newcomer, Cordyceps Soul Shot, Kampo Dome, Cordyceps Soul Shot Burst
  • Gairam - Cube Break, Cube Booster, Air Cube, Air Cube Booster, Cube Totem
  • World - Hundredfold Gun, Hundredfold Chop, Tenfold Shotgun, Hundredfold Gun, Fiftyfold Cannon, Tenfold Speed, Thirtyfold Speed, Fiftyfold Speed, Furious Hammer, Hundredfold Cannon
  • Boa Hancock - Love-Love Beam, Perfume Femur, Slaver Arrow, Pistol Kiss
  • Sebastian - Great Water Shot, Great Shark Arrows, Camouflage Air, Spin Tornado,
  • Perona - Negative Extra Big Hollow
  • Buggy - Quick Escape, Special Muggy Ball


Boa: "It's only natural to be fascinated by me and become tense. You can't resist. The whole world is gonna celebrate if you die here. Because I'm that... beautiful! "

— Boa looking down on Nightin'

Byojack: "We had that idea for 30 years ago. And we were gonna build this ship - Groseade to pursue it! We built this ship and had been waiting for you not because we wanted to take the Government!"

— Byojack Reminding World of what their ship stood for'

Luffy: "I couldn't... save Ace's Life! But I still have... friends who are waiting for me!"

— Luffy's Resolve


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